Sunday, March 14, 2010

I can't figure it out, management...

So I still seem to be unable to find the right time to blog... I can't blog when nothing is happening - I can't seem to blog even when lots of stuff is happening. I know people say you should just sit down and write, don't think about it just write. But frankly, if I have time to sit down lately I'd much rather sleep (been doing a lot of that lately) or play my current obsession Plants vs. Zombies... so I haven't been blogging. Now I will attempt to remedy that...

My Zack, oh my Zack... so cute, so funny, so smart and so Middle Schooler... As I've said before he wears his hair too long, his pants too low and plays Xbox too much! But I love him!
As I mentioned, just a little shaggy... but cute... Out of the blue yesterday he says to me, "I think I want to get my hair cut." Zoinks, Shaggy! I called immediately and a couple hours later there we were....OMG! Is he really doing this? Of his own free will? Is he on drugs? Or is he just making a good choice? Naw, it must be drugs.... :o)
There he is. So damn cute I can't stand it. Girls... BACK OFF! Just like the olden days when he was a little pee-wee who did whatever Mom wanted.
I'm always just a little nervous when what Mom wants coincides with what the kids want? That is just not a normal phenomenon. It must be a trick, but until I figure it out... I'm just enjoying being able to see my boys delightful face. Now if I could just get him to wear a belt!