Thursday, May 13, 2010

We're off to see the wizard...

Today Brenna and I leave for Philadelphia for the Stotesbury Regatta. It's the largest high school regatta in the nation. Her high school is taking 84 athletes! Somehow.... I ended up being a bag checker (going through everyone's "stuff" looking for inappropriate "stuff'), bus chaperone and hotel chaperone! Everyone please say a little prayer for me and my sanity! Maybe at the end of the trip I will get a brain or at least a backbone!

Monday, May 3, 2010

So you think you can post any old time and they will come?

So, I'm back. And as I sit here running through a litany of excuses in my head... alien abduction (lie), pregnancy scare (lie), busy (true, but isn't everyone), overwhelmed-ness (true, but not a real word), ennui (true, but lame), amnesia (lie) - I realize I got nothin, at least nothin that everyone else who blogs doesn't have. I just know that for the last 2 months, I've moved "blog" to the top of probably a dozen different lists and still haven't crossed it off. It's like a sore tooth or canker sore in your mouth, you want to ignore it - but you can't help worrying it. It's not like I forgot I had a blog, because everyday when I read all my friend's blogs I have to go through my blog that still has the same pictures and same old news. Oh well, maybe this isn't for me. It's not like we haven't had a TON of things going on. We had birthdays....

Hard to believe we've gone from this...
To this....

Meet "Steve" the current love of her life. Don't ask me why it's cool to name your car, or "duh"why I didn't know "everyone" does it. Don't ask why "Steve" has already been to the "Dr." for some "work". That's probably a whole other post.
Or from this....

To this...

When did my kids become 17 and 12? When did I become a grown-up? Someone's messing with me!
This is what happens when Candy and cake are the primary gifts at a 12 year old boy's birthday.
Not sooooo precious now.

While I was gone, the Pogo Stick became cool. We're on #2
Zack would like me to qualify the above picture by saying it was crazy sock day and he does not usually wear Santa socks to school on a regular day. :o) So, this is the regular (yellow) everyday $40 pogo stick. That he pogo-ed on so much the pads all wore off until it was just metal on metal. So he stepped it up to the Flybar 800! This is no run of the mill pogo stick. It has levers and adustments and pistons etc... and it costs $188! But, he bought it with his own money and at least it's not another Xbox game. I really shouldn't complain, because since he discovered the pogo stick, he's been outside everyday, the whole neighborhood is pogoing... the bouncy sound is like the soundtrack to my life now.
We had Prom, complete with PROM DRAMA. But all in all they had a good time. I give Brenna a lot of credit. She had date issues and decided date or no date she was going with her friends and she did. She said (and probably smartly) she'd rather go by herself, than with a stranger or someone she didn't like and she probably ended up having more fun than many with dates.

Could these girls be any more beautiful? I never looked like this in High School. Shit I never looked like this! I personally think all the boys are too scared of her to ask her out! Fine with me!
The Gang. They had fun and everything worked out just fine.
So that's it in a nutshell. There's been much more going on, but I guess these were the highlights. I'm going to try and do better, but really who am I kidding. If given a choice between blogging and 3 0'clock naptime, I think we all know what's going to win.