Saturday, March 28, 2015

You call that a Regatta???

What the hell.... we knew it was going to be challenging, just not quite this challenging.  It was supposed to be cold and breezy... not freezing and 30mph winds, with the Occoquan white-capping.  But, never say we aren't game to get our Regatta on!  So, at 8am we headed out, braving the winds, whitecaps and freezing temps.  Set up at the point and all huddled together in an attempt to keep at least reasonable warm before it was time to row.   I was more nervous last night, what was I going to tell the boys for their pre-race sendoff, what was I going to say after the race... blah,blah, blah.

Fortunately or unfortunately I didn't have to worry about either.  They got about 8 races down the course before a 4 flipped and they called the whole thing off.  It was the best decision, we could never have sent our novices out in that!!  It was bad enough that we didn't even row the boats back to the boathouse.  We sent rowers back with their parents or ferried them back in our launches.  We'll head back and pick the boats up on Monday.  Came home and napped (really is was a short course in death) for 2 hours and still can't seem to get rid of my tired.

My sweet freshman, trying to keep warm and still having "4 Funs."  Just wait until they actually get to row!

How many Funs is Zack having? 2? or is that just his "gang sign?"

When we got out of our launches on the way back we were freezing!  Literally!  All the water and spray on our jackets, faces, and bodies was frozen.  We were covered in ice, we cracked as we stepped out.  How many different ways can you say miserably cold!???

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Coaching for real!

This year we have a Novice 8 and a Freshman 8, so Mike and I are team coaching.   First couple of days we went out together in his launch and worked with both boats.  But today I took my own launch and the Freshman 8 with me.  We were supposed to "stay together" and work together, but that never happened.  We were together for about 20 minutes and then Mike went off to do his own thing. Not really surprised.  I felt decidedly like a fish out of water, but I figured it out and it seemed to go well.

The novice boat, is definitely the stronger boat, it has a couple of juniors that are really big and really strong and he took the rest of the biggest and strongest rowers for that boat, which makes sense, since it helps if the boys are similar in size and ability.  Obviously, he'll want to coach the boat that has the best chance of being successful, which is fine and as it should be. Less pressure on me, if the goal is to get these kids to row by 8's and come together as a team.  Not a lot of expectation that they'll be hugely successful.  I mean my bow seat weighs 98 lbs and the rest aren't much bigger.  Towards the end of practice, Mike found us and we did a couple of 20 stroke races and my little freshman stepped up and held their own.  They may not be the biggest or the strongest, but they have heart.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Anti-Bragging... Zack Version

Like a sighting of the Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot or Extraterrestrials... this came out of Zack backpack today....

Seriously... do you see what I see.... ZACHARY.HYZY.GOT.AN.F on his interim report card???!!!  Seriously... an F?  Are you freaking kidding me... We were so flabbergasted we didn't know what to do.  Apparently due to all the snow days and delays this teacher only had 3 actual grades in the grade book and everything else that was due, but not turned in because of the delays, went in as a zero!!  As soon as he gets the project completed, that grade will go right up.  So, one F immortalized forever...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A little bit more birthday

Zack had 6 of his buddies "sleepover."  I love that these teenage boys, still want to have sleepovers.  I also love that these guys are still hanging out together.  They all rowed together in the Freshman 8 and now they are still rowing together and hanging out together.

They played video games in the basement and watched Netflix.  I must admit there's nothing much better than the laughter of teenage boys hanging out together.  It just makes me smile.  They got up the next morning and we fed them scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits and fruit and sent them off to practice where they promptly kicked Robinson's asses 6 out of 6 scrimmage races!  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Zack!

 March is just a month full of punches to the gut, that emphasize how old I'm getting!! It's incredible to believe that 17 years ago I was waking up John and telling him it was "time to go" and just over 4 hours later, our family was complete!  I cannot fathom that my precious baby boy is 17 years old today.  What a grand adventure! I am amazed by the wonderful young man he is turning into. He is smart, handsome, damn funny...kind, thoughtful and caring.  All this while technically still a teenager, that just doesn't happen in the regular world.  But then our ZackMan is anything but regular.  Every time I think there is something he can't do, he goes right out and does it.  He makes me proud EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I feel so lucky to be his mom and while I wish he would live in the basement forever.  I can't wait to see him set the world on fire!  No matter what he does, he will always be my sweet baby boy!

Oh that face... those sweet twinkly eyes...I could look at this pictures forever!
I feel a little bit bad, because his actual birthday celebration was sort of a non-event.  John bought him McDonalds and donuts for breakfast and then we went out to Sakura Japanese Steak House for dinner and came home and watched a movie.

He didn't get any presents.. the kid doesn't want anything... how can that be?  What teenager in his right mind doesn't want anything?  He did say he wants some new clothes, but I can't even do that for him... he'll go on line and pick them out himself and I'll just hand over my credit card.  It feels like we didn't make is special enough for him, but he seemed happy enough.  I just can't get over how grown up he seems.  I don't know why 17 seems to much older than 16 does, but it does.  I'm having a little bit of a hard time reconciling that my Baby Girl will be leaving for Wisconsin soon and precious Baby Boy is now 17 years old an soon will be heading off to college.  Sometimes reality sucks! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

It must be Crew!

There are not enough fruit snacks in existence to keep this team supplied and satisfied, but I'm going to make a valiant attempt.  I've set up 2-3 an attempt to keep my inventory high without overtaxing any one person!  I'd advise everyone to buy stock in Welchs!

It's March 16th and this was our FIRST day on the water!  They have cancelled the Polar Bear Regatta - since we'll have a total of 5 days on the water, probably not a bad decision.  A little disappointing, but what are you gonna do. It looks like Mike and I will be coaching the Novice 8 and Freshman 8 together.  Tim will take the 2 top varsity boats and Beca the middle 8.  I'm hoping I'm going to just ride along with Mike most of the time and learn and observe.  Still feel totally inadequate at this coaching thing... but I'm going to fake it until I make it.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's official... NEVER F**King Again....NEVER....

It's over, it's done.. Thank the Sweet Baby Jesus.  Today, I finished my 2nd and LAST Half Marathon!  It was absolutely miserable!!  I had that fabulous 10mile run, but then every single run after that was just crap, so my confidence was not at it's highest.  But, I still felt like I could do it.  My goal was to keep my time under 11:00min mile.  Goal - 2:23.   Jullie and I met up and headed to the Metro at 5:00am.  It was freezing cold and raining, but we weren't going to let that stop us.    Lots of people, but I was able to get to the port potties with very little drama and that's always my biggest stressor.  Got to pee right before we start.  But, I didn't need to worry, there were so many people, we actually crossed the start line about 30 minutes after the initial start gun.  In the cold, freezing rain... did I mention it was cold and rainy!

 We were still pretty happy and optimistic... the race hadn't started yet....  Jullie and I ran together, she was going to run with another friend, but her friend backed out at the last minute.  I don't usually like running with anyone, too much pressure.  Am I going too slow and holding them back?  Are they going to be faster than me?  But, we actually ran really well together.  Once or twice either she or I would need to stop, but then we always caught up to each other.  Honestly the first 10 miles were pretty good, despite the non-stop rain. Kept to the less than 11min mile, even with walking 2 water stations and 1 potty break for me.  There was also an HELLACIOUS hill at mile 6.5.  I made it about 3/4 of the way up the hill, but then I had to walk.  I was still okay with that.  The shit got real at mile 10!!!  My back started to really hurt and Jullie's hamstrings and calves were like knotted ropes.  We ended up walk/running the next 1.5 miles, but that was it.  Neither of us could run any more and we ended up walking about the last 1.2 miles.  It was a little discouraging, but honestly, my back hurt so bad I really didn't care.  We just wanted to finish it.  We ran the last .2 miles and crossed the finish so we could at least attempt to look strong. :o)  Finished in 2:35, which is not great, but still better than the first Half I ran, even with all the walking.  Which just tells me, if I was ever able to actually run the whole thing I might do okay, but that's not going to happen.EVER.  The after race sucked even worse.  The snacks were lame... bananas, baked chip samples and some sort of new mint chocolate power bar.  YUCK.  Since I never feel like eating afterwards, it wasn't the end of the world.  But at the AF Half, they had bagels and pizza.  I'm just saying.  Then, we had to wait for 40 MINUTES outside the Metro, in got it... FREEZING WIND AND RAIN...before we could even get down into the Metro to go home.  I was so cold and tired and my back was still hurting.  I began to get really nauseous!  It truly was horrible.
We look happy here, but its a LIE!  We were finally on the metro, but still so cold we could hardly stay in our seat.  I was more sore from all the shaking and shivering than from the running!
 The napping was really good when I got home, that's the best part of racing!!
Plus the "after eating" was pretty good as well or actually the "after eating" plan was good, I didn't really feel much like eating until almost dinnertime.  Basically I didn't finish the race strong and I didn't finish my eating plan strong either!  
I'm glad I did it... sorta... it just confirmed in my mind that I am not a long distance runner!  10 miles is my max. If I had stopped at 10 miles, I would have been perfectly satisfied with my race.  When I look at the calendar and have a 4, 5 or 6 mile run planned... I'm okay with that.  Not a big deal.  But if I look at the calendar and it's 8, 9 or 10 - all of a sudden I "hate" running and I begin to dread the whole thing! So, WHY do it???!!  I'm going to happily stick with my 5K's, 10K's and occasionally a 10 miler when I want a challenge.  Done, Done and Done!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Brenna!

Our beautiful girl is 22 today.  How can that be so!  This is the first birthday in the last 3 years that she's been home with us!   We didn't have a whole lot planned, it gets so much harder as they get older to make things special.  Hard to believe 22 years ago I was laying my hospital bed with a brand new bundle of precious in my arms wondering if we were ready for this! I don't know if I say it enough, I am beyond proud of the amazing woman she has become.  The total package... Smart, funny, kind, beautiful, fun, thoughtful - she makes my heart burst with pride and love.  I am so excited for her as she sets off on her adventure to Wisconsin, but a little sad for me!  I wish she'd move home and live with me forever.  Such a blessing to honestly believe even if she wasn't my daughter, she'd be my friend!  I love my Baby Girl!

 When I got off work she and I did a mall trip to pick up some birthday presents for her.   She needed socks, new makeup, new underwear... nothing very exciting.  But what she wanted.

Of course the new underwear was from Victorias Secret... so it's not like I just bought her a package of Hanes from Walmart.  They were nice underwear... nicer than my underwear.

Got some lunch, some of her favorite Moe's queso and then home we went to rest up for dinner.  She wanted pizza and beer.

There is something a little bit odd when you celebrate your daughters birthday with Victoria Secret underwear and beer!  Our little girl has definitely grown up!  But she has grown up amazingly and I can't get over how fabulous she is and while I would love to claim credit and brag about our superior parenting skills - I just think we are so very, very lucky!  Happy, Happy Birthday to our sweet, baby girl!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

March is a fickle mistress

Once again, just like last year... March rolls in like a fickle bitch.  We got through tryouts and now the excitement is high, everyone is ready to getup on the water and what happens.... 8 freaking inches of snow and 2 snow days!

Not only can we not get out on the water, but we aren't even at school.  It's been a crazy winter!  I'm ready for spring.  Although, I must admit I'm a little nervous about going out on the water.  I still don't know what Mike is going to expect me to do, so a few more days inside on the ergs and conditioning is not the end of the world.  Geez, I hope I remember how to drive a launch!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's Bragging Time...again...Brenna Version

She's just making waves in her little corner of the universe.  Every time we turn around she's being recognized, awarded or  lauded for something!  Such an amazing girl!  This is an article from the front page of the Radford University Website!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Our first Grand....Dog

Brenna has been toying with getting a dog for a couple of months now.  She was dog sitting her neighbors dog for the last 6 months - He moved to Va Beach and was looking for work and couldn't take Luna, his Pitbull, with him so Brenna agreed to keep her.  She became very attached and when he came to pick her up at Christmas it was pretty tough.  We tried talking to her, giving her our advice... Not a good time for her to commit to a dog.  She's moving to Wisconsin, doesn't know where she's going to live, doesn't know what her schedule is going to be like and so on.  But she's young and once she gets her heart set on something.... She stayed true and wrote us a 5 page persuasive essay about why we should support her decision.  Pretty funny!  Actually we didn't care that much, you can only give so much advice and then you just deal with the situation as it occurs.
So without further ado, presenting our first Granddog....Autumn....

She does seem pretty precious, that's a pretty sweet face. Brenna seems to be in heaven and very happy, so we'll just figure it all out from there.  We'll get to meet her for the first time in a couple weeks during Spring Break.  Here's hoping Cooper and Zoey think she's as cute as we all do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's Bragging time... Zack Version

Zack was nominated for the Prince William County Youth Salute Council.  They choose 14 kids from each high school in the county, they get a photo shoot and then this huge display is put up and moves around the county.  At Malls, the government buildings and then at each individual high school.  They have to write a couple of essays and then they pick an overall winner.  I think there is some sort of monetary prize.  Anyway, we weren't even going to fill out the application form, but his counselor encouraged us to do it and he was selected!  Very excited, one of only 14 from the whole high school.   We went for his photo shoot, he needed 4 different poses, so we chose crew, academic team, chess club and then just a casual pic for our themes.  I think they turned out pretty darn good.

He's so freaking grown up and handsome I can't believe it! How does this shit happen?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Run this Year

Still going strong... my Half Marathon is just a couple weeks away...I'm feeling pretty good.  The Reston 10 miler has given me some confidence.  I think all the erging is definitely helping make me stronger...
300 miles down only 952 more to go!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Reston 10 miler

My Half Marathon is 2 weeks away.  This weekend I was scheduled for a 10 mile long run.  I decided it was more likely I would actually do it if I did a race, so I decided to run the Reston 10 miler.  My first 10 mile race ever.  I was a little nervous and I gotta be honest, did NOT want to get up and go run this morning.  It was cold and then rain and sleet were supposed to move in around 10am.    My last 2 long runs, 9.4 and 8 were the same way.  I didn't want to run them, but I forced myself and they turned out to be some of the best runs I've with that in mind, I saddled up and headed out.
Who knows what I'm going to want at the end of the race?  Better take one of everything!

I look a little shell-shocked, like I can't believe I'm actually going to do this.

Feeling a little better about getting started.

Very happy that I did it.

It actually turned out to be a really good race for me. That seems to be a theme lately.  My pace wasn't quite as fast as I hoped.  I'd wanted to stay right around 10:00 min/mile, but it ended up being closer to 11:00min/mile.  There were a lot of hills, but I'm not going to make excuses.  I'm  actually happy with my run, because for the first time ever I didn't STOP at all, not even once!!!  I didn't walk at the water stations, I didn't stop and fake tie my shoe, I didn't stop and pretend stretch a cramp and I didn't walk at all!  I'm so happy with that!  I could have done another 3 - so I'm feeling pretty good about the half in 2 weeks.   I think all the Erging I've been doing is obviously helping out, and the running on the treadmill doesn't seem to be hurting me either.  For the most part, I'm feeling pretty strong and ready to go.  Now, I just need to stay healthy until it's done!