Saturday, March 28, 2015

You call that a Regatta???

What the hell.... we knew it was going to be challenging, just not quite this challenging.  It was supposed to be cold and breezy... not freezing and 30mph winds, with the Occoquan white-capping.  But, never say we aren't game to get our Regatta on!  So, at 8am we headed out, braving the winds, whitecaps and freezing temps.  Set up at the point and all huddled together in an attempt to keep at least reasonable warm before it was time to row.   I was more nervous last night, what was I going to tell the boys for their pre-race sendoff, what was I going to say after the race... blah,blah, blah.

Fortunately or unfortunately I didn't have to worry about either.  They got about 8 races down the course before a 4 flipped and they called the whole thing off.  It was the best decision, we could never have sent our novices out in that!!  It was bad enough that we didn't even row the boats back to the boathouse.  We sent rowers back with their parents or ferried them back in our launches.  We'll head back and pick the boats up on Monday.  Came home and napped (really is was a short course in death) for 2 hours and still can't seem to get rid of my tired.

My sweet freshman, trying to keep warm and still having "4 Funs."  Just wait until they actually get to row!

How many Funs is Zack having? 2? or is that just his "gang sign?"

When we got out of our launches on the way back we were freezing!  Literally!  All the water and spray on our jackets, faces, and bodies was frozen.  We were covered in ice, we cracked as we stepped out.  How many different ways can you say miserably cold!???

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