Thursday, April 2, 2015

O' Spring where for art thou?

It's really been quite yucky lately.  I know Spring is out there somewhere....  We see the signs...

These crocuses...croci? are so beautiful, I stumbled on them on one of my runs.  So, I'm hopeful that it's coming.  It's just that the temps don't seem to realize that it's April now and the wind...the freaking wind.  God, how I hate the wind.  I've actually always hated the wind, even as a kid I can remember despising it.  Let's think about it.... what good does the wind serve?  I mean I know in theory that it disseminates pollen and seeds, flies kites...blah, blah, blah...  But in reality, it just sucks.  It messes up hair, it blows pollen into your face, it provides unwanted and unasked for resistance training, and it blows our boats all over the Occoquan.  It just needs to stop!
On the other hand, these delicious, delightful, amazeballs snacks make waiting out the wind, completely worthwhile.  These snacks actually make just about anything worthwhile.  These pretzel crisps are THE BEST thing I have ever put in my mouth.  They may very well be my downfall.  I'm not sure if chocolate toxicity is a thing... but I'm about to find out.  The only thing that will save me, is that these are a "limited Easter edition."   Seriously,  I bought 8 bags of them at Target yesterday and I'll be lucky if they last the weekend.  I cannot stop myself from eating them.  I could eat them until I threw up and then eat more of them!  I guess if Spring is going to be crappy, then at least I have good snacks!

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