Saturday, April 18, 2015

Smokey Jacobs Regatta

Finally!!  We made it through and entire regatta and everyone got to race!!  They played fruit basket upset on the boys varsity side this week.  Seems like there must be some kind of rule or regulation in the "crew lineup handbook" that says nothing good can stay the same.  This week they raced a Junior 8 and a Lightweight 8.  Zack is back stroking the Lightweight 8, separated from some of his friends, but back and reunited with others.  He's had a really good attitude and said that the boat feels really good and pretty fast.   So, off we went to the regatta.  An absolutely beautiful day!  It turned out to be quite successful for most everyone...  The Junior 8 took first.  Zack's boat was 2nd, the Novices were 2nd after catching a crab and recovering well, they would have been 1st without a doubt.

When did my baby boy become such a man!?!

Then there were my freshman..... I was so extremely proud of them.  They raced their little hearts out.  The last 100-200 meters they were neck and neck with Woodson.  Literally each stroke the boats took, had them squeak ahead of the other one.  I was at the finish line, standing next to the Woodson coach and we were having heart attacks.  My guys were edged out literally by a stroke.  2 seconds between third and fourth.  Woodson may have gotten third but they had to really work for it!  Last week Woodson beat us by 47 seconds!  This week 2 seconds!  I'd say that's a freaking success!

What a crazy season.  One more regatta and then it's States, then Stotes and then god willing Nationals!  It's like a whirlwind! 

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