Saturday, April 11, 2015

Darrell Winslow Regatta

We almost made it through a whole regatta this time... but not quite.  It was the wind this time, instead of the cold or rain.  We got all the races done except for the Novices, which is the worst.  Those poor guys still haven't raced.  It didn't make ONE BIT of sense, they sent the freshman and the novice 4's down the race course - but they cancelled the 8's.  What??!!?!  Anyway, we had quite a few disappointed rowers and just as many upset parents and rightly so...  But as for those that did race, it went pretty well.  Zack raced as a 1st 8 and they made it into the finals and ended up 5th.  Not too bad.  I think they felt pretty good about that.

Rowing is hard work!
My Freshman did get to race and it was pretty exciting.  They did really well... everything you want from a freshman first race... they made it down the course, they didn't run into anyone, no one fell out of the boat and they weren't last!!  I think it was a pretty insane day for them, the wind was crazy so they had a very difficult time at the start platforms, the wind blew them into another lane (but they weren't the only ones) no penalty and they didn't impede anyone. 
I think they felt pretty good, getting one under their belts.  Now they can focus on getting better and it won't be so scary next time.... for any of us! :o)   

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