Saturday, April 25, 2015

Al Urquia Regatta

We did it, we got another full regatta under our belts.  It's April 25th and we've had 2 full regattas.  This is the most insane season I ever remember.  Another successful outing.  Zack's Light 8 rowed as a 2nd 8 because there were no other entries and they came in 4th.  Not too bad.  They seem to be getting better and faster each week.  He still seems happy enough, so that's all I really care about.  It's definitely challenging to be a coach and a parent, especially when decisions are made that you don't understand or agree with.  You have to just trust that it will all work out and right now it seems to be doing just that.  I still don't totally agree with Zack being moved out of the Junior 8, he's definitely a better rower than a couple of the guys in that boat, but at the same time he certainly doesn't have the same power they do.  So, if you're going with straight up power and not technique, then I see what they are doing, but it's not always about power.  Anyway... as long as he seems to be happy where he is, then that's all that matters to me.

The little twit has started this new plan.  He started putting up 2 fingers in a V shape or a #2 sign and we've been teasing him about his "gang sign."  His new goal it to have his "gang sign" in every picture of him taken this year!  It's infuriating but also hilarious!  If you look at any pictures he's in, there it is.  I don't know how he keeps that much awareness, but it's now become a competition between us.  Can I catch him unawares and get a picture minus the gang sign.  Even when he's not paying attention, he's got the sign going!
What a bunch of hooligans!
As for my Freshman 8, this was a very exciting regatta.  Their first opportunity to race twice.  They actually had a heat, where the top 3 advanced to finals!  It's so nerve wracking!  I want them to do well and be happy with their performance.  And at this point it's hard for me to separate their performance from my ability as a coach.  I have to keep reminding myself that if they do poorly, that doesn't mean I'm a bad coach.  I know their performance is not a direct reflection on me - but I still feel like it is, and I'm still worried that's what everyone else is thinking.  I just keep having to remind myself, it's not about me and that I'm doing the very best that I can.  So.... they raced... and came in 3rd!!  They got to move on to the finals.  Needless to say, EVERYONE was thrilled!  I was so happy for them, their parents were giddy and I think they were pretty stoked!  They ended up 6th in the final, but that's not what's important, what's important is they got there!  

What truly cracked me up, is after their heat I sent them back to the tent to get something to eat and to relax.  About 30 minutes later when I walked over to the tent this is what I found...

Every single one of them was sacked out!  It was like on a Kindergarten field trip when you come home on the bus, they all fall asleep.  My poor boys rowed their little hearts out in their heat and pretty much collapsed afterwards.  Too precious!!  I love my freshman.

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