Friday, April 10, 2015

This shit hurts....

I've done something to myself, sharp stabbing pains straight through my boob.  I felt a twinge on Monday during Erg class, but nothing big.  But, it' progressively gotten worse.  Now it hurts to sit up, lie down, cough, sneeze, blow my nose... of course immediately I convince myself I have a tumor in my chest wall or breast cancer and I'm going to be on my last legs.  I start planning how I'll schedule my surgery between regattas...  I wonder where Brenna gets it!! :o)  Fortunately John was home to talk me down off that ledge and convinced me that most likely I've just pulled an intercostal rib muscle.  Which definitely makes more sense than suddenly developing a tumor... thank goodness...  So, now I'm taking it easy.  I haven't worked out since Monday, no running, no erging nothing and to be honest it's really driving me crazy!!  I just know those fat globules are just racing around my body looking for somewhere to plant themselves!  I'm really not very good at relaxing.  Plus it seems like if I'm not exercising, then I'm eating.  It's either one or the other for me.  If I'm exercising then I'm hardly eating or if I'm eating then I'm hardly exercising.  I have to keep telling myself that I'm not being lazy, I'm actually resting my body and letting it heal.  But I don't like all those 0's on my Run This Year Chart.  I'm going to have some making up to do once I get back on my feet.

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