Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Both Mimi and Brenna came for Easter!  Score and Win!!  It was a very quiet day.  We did all the typical Mt. Burnside BBQ things.  The Easter BBQ is usually the first one of the season and we all stumble out of our houses all squinty and pale from a winter stuck inside.  Today the weather was beautiful, we had a ton of food and the kids had a great time hunting eggs.  As tradition calls for, the big kids hid all the little kids eggs, over 200, and then the Dads hid all the "big kid" eggs.  Each big kid gets to find one giant egg and the Dads make it a point of pride to hide the eggs where they can't be found! :o)  There's also the much coveted Golden Egg... which has more special stuff... usually more money... Heath found it again this year for a 3-peat!  He's got the knack.
It's a little bit weird when the Easter Bunny brings alcohol!  

Just a small sample of all the eggs that were hidden.  I have a feeling we're going to be finding eggs until Christmas.  

Brenna hoping her big egg will just magically appear in front of her eyes!

Is he hunting eggs or getting ready to break into the house?

All the big kids were successful in finding their eggs, but they had to work for them this year.

What a damn cute!!

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