Sunday, December 11, 2016

It's starting to feel a bit like Christmas...

I drove down today and picked up our boy.  He actually finished his two finals last week, so he doesn't even need to stay for finals week.  He has two essay's he needs to write, including an Anthropology essay on Phone Sex!   Ultimate frisbee class and final essay on Phone Sex... our tuition dollars at work.   Luckily he can submit the essays online, so he can just as easily do them at home as at school Yeah for us!  Brenna should be home next weekend, then we will be ready to celebrate!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Never doubt my girl

Brenna had her Master's proposal meeting today.  Of course it went very well, they all were very impressed with her and all that she's done.  Of course, she also got the sympathy vote, what with her advisor being fired for sleeping with undergraduates and drinking too much!  She seems to be right on track, although they were a little worried that she wouldn't be able to finish by May because apparently graduate students are not supposed to teach or take any classes their last semester, they are supposed to just work on their thesis, but her Advisor did not set her up that way.  She's taking one class and teaching 2...but she seems to think she'll be okay.  She may see if they'll let her drop her teaching responsibilities.  But besides all that, they offered her a job through the summer that apparently pays a pretty penny.
But here's where it gets exciting...
She's also sent a resume into a company in Indiana that is looking for a bat biologist.  The job requirements read like a summary of her resume!  Everything they are looking for she has done!
But then.... it gets even better....
Robin, one of her advisors... has a connection at a big time consulting firm, Western Ecosystems Technology, that is looking for a Northern Long-Eared Bat Ecologist!  WTF?!?!?  Are you seriously kidding me?  There is actually a job out there specifically for the bat that Brenna specializes in???  She has a phone interview with them next week.  We don't know any details at all, but....
I've spent the last 5 years secretly, doubting, wondering what the heck she was going to do with a biology degree, specializing in bats, don't get me wrong, I'd love nothing more that to have her move back home, live with us forever and be my bestie, but I recognize that's not appropriate. :o) So here we are with 3 different job opportunities on the horizon.  Never doubt....

Monday, August 15, 2016

Let the PANICKING begin....

T-2 hours and Brenna Hyzy arrives home for 2 weeks!!!  I can't wait to see her... but at the same time T-4 days and we drop Zack off at UVa and I am really not ready for it.   I honestly thought I'd be okay by now.  I know he's going to be fine, I know he's going to have a great time, I know that I will eventually be fine, but right now when I think about it I feel physically sick to my stomach and legitimately feel like I'm having a heart attack.  I know that once we're actually doing it, I will have plenty to keep me busy.  Brenna will be here for another week after he's there, I have work starting on Monday, we're gearing up for Fall Crew, coaching in the Fall Camp, so plenty going on.  But, it's the thinking about it... the imagining going back to school and him not being there, not popping in to say Hi and raid the candy basket... going to practice and not having him to talk to about it and ask advice of.  No one to keep me posted on the team gossip... it's going to be hard.  And bottom line... I'm not ready to let my baby boy go.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

First Regatta of MY season - Occoquan Memorial Sprints

Well, I survived!  My first regatta of the season.  It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible.  I was so nervous and felt so much pressure, especially being in the "fast 4."  It would be so much less pressure if I was just in the Women's 8 and the Mixed 8.  So I was torn, excited to be in the fast boat, but oh the pressure.  Those ladies are so gracious and have been so kind about having me in the 4.  I know they keep telling me, that they wanted me in the boat and that I belong there, but they self-doubt is high!  Anyway,  I didn't want to let them down.

The 4's race was first.  Wouldn't you know that just as we were launching...the wind picked up... oh how the wind picked up!  It was pretty brutal.  So, bad that they weren't using the start platform and we weren't even supposed to get close to it, because it was so dangerous, so that made the start truly wonky.  They tried to line us up... but that was pretty futile, so as soon as it was even close they started us... with very little prep...crazy!

We raced hard, but the wind was just crazy.  Ended up coming in 3rd out of 4th.  So not..DFL!

The 8 went pretty much the same way.  The wind was still crazy, but it didn't throw us off as much in
the 8, but I think the set was a little worse.  Hard to get real traction in the water.  We were 4th out of 5.  Again...not DFL!
John and Zack paddled out to watch my race!

I would say we were all happy, but not satisfied.  Hopefully, we'll get a chance to practice more and the next one will be even better.  I'd really love to get some bling!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

UVa Preview

We set out for 2 days of all things UVa orientation.  It was a little bit overwhelming and I really didn't stop to thing too much about it.  Decided to just live in the moment and not reflect on the fact that in just about 6 weeks we'll be LEAVING HIM THERE!!!

We got his roommate and dorm room assignment.  He's going to be rooming with a young man named Emry that he got in contact with though the UVa Roommate application... kind of like but for roommates.  Zack requested him and he requested Zack back.  Since then they haven't had any contact, but I'm sure it will be fine.  His room is in Page Hall, which is one of the old dorms, but he seems to be fine with that.  It's closer to the academic buildings, but not air conditioned.  He'll survive, unfortunately we didn't get to see the rooms because his registration session ran very late.  Again, Zack is so easy going, I'm really not too worried about him.

He got preliminarily registered for 4 classes, Calculus I, Statistics of some kind, Language and Culture (Anthropology) and .....Ultimate Frisbee!!!  Glad we're paying prime $$ for Ultimate Frisbee lessons! :o)   His appointment was so late in the day that most of the classes he's was looking at were closed.
They will have a chance to register and change to other classes in August.

He's really pumped and excited about going, I think he'd leave tomorrow if he could. :o(  I did make him promise that he's text me at least once a day, just so I would know that he wasn't sitting in his room crying because he didn't have any friends.  Just once a day...  But, then he suggested... we do a Snapchat Streak.  I didn't even know what that was, but apparently you just send a snapchat picture to the person and then they send one back and Snapchat keeps track so you can monitor how long your streak is.  We're going to practice over the summer!  I'm also starting a steak with Brenna and John!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Date Night - Journey

John and I went on an extremely rare date night!  I got us tickets to see Journey and the Doobie Bros!  I've been so excited!!  I love, love, love Journey!
We had a fun time, but the concert did not live up to my hopes.  They sounded okay, the new lead singer is good, but I found it very disconcerting to be listening to Journey, but when you look at the band, there's a skinny Asian guy jumping around the stage.  Weird, just weird.  Plus, it really ended up being more like the Neil Schon show.  The sound was cranked to that mainly it was the electric guitar show and it was hard to hear the voices.  Plus the guitar, piano and drum solos just went on for freaking ever.  Maybe that's a sign that I'm getting too old.

I did get to see my Bow Bestie - Jay was there with her new "man friend," so I got to scope him out briefly.

Everything's bigger at concerts... beer and margarita's... they better be since they cost $15 freaking dollars!!!  Add some Buffalo Chicken Tots and what's not to be happy about!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Thanks but no thanks

We got the final acceptance letters, not that he really cares... But for the record, he got into

It was gratifying to know he could have gone anywhere he wanted, but we all know he was a Cavalier all the way!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On the Water...

Practice has been going pretty well.  We've been lucky this year, the weather has not been great, but not so bad that we've had to cancel much practice.  It's wet, cold, and windy, but we can handle it and it's building character.  I'm not going to lie, it's been challenging with 2 8's.  I feel like I'm not giving either one the attention that they deserve, but I'm doing the best that I can.  It's also an added challenge because Meehan took one of my novices up to Varsity to fill out his boats, so I'm left with a Freshman 8 and a Novice 7.  Fortunately, very often we've got extra boys and they've been rowing with the girls.  Not sure how much they enjoy it, but it does make it easier for me.

I'm finding that I'm starting to enjoy the girls, I know I was so very "hesitant" when sent to the girls side, but I'm finding myself being drawn in.  Maybe they are just a good group of girls, which they are... but maybe girls aren't as bad as I imagined...

Here's one example of the difference between boys and girls...
I always have snacks, it's my "thing."  Power bars, granola bars, nutra grain bars, in my bag, in my locker etc..  The boys know this and have always counted on it.  Well, the girls discovered them this season and it's all I can do to keep them fed!! Those girls can eat...  Anyway, I had a tupperware full of power bars and when they were all gone, the girls approached me.  "Coach Hyzy, all the power bars are gone." they said, looking expectantly at me... but then... they said, "We've been talking and we're going to take turns bringing in bars, you shouldn't have to buy them all the time." ????? Say What?   Boys, would never/have NEVER done that, even thought of that!  #teamgirls

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Zack and the A-word....Adult

There's no way it's true... how can my sweet baby boy, the light of my life, my buddy and partner

 be an official...ADULT.  18 freaking years old!  It seems so cliche... but time just seems to be speeding up the older I get.  Seems like not so long ago, we were worrying about pacifiers and pull-ups and now he can sign his own excuse notes for school, vote and go to the doctor by himself.  I just don't want to believe it.   It was a quiet celebration, Brenna was home and we went out to dinner, then he had a Co-ed sleepover... I must admit, he's the most difficult kid to buy for... he doesn't want anything, he doesn't really do anything and seems happy enough with what he has.
A little college prep present... he eats Ramen all the time... not he's got the proper tools.

Movies with his friends,  Brandon and Shannon.

The morning after, such a good group of kids!

Dinner at Smokey Bones.
It was pretty low-key, but then he's a pretty low key kid and I think he enjoyed it.  Time just keeps moving on...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Brenna Bday Recap...

I can't believe my girl is 23 years old!!!  She celebrated her actually birthday in Wisconsin with her friends.

The aftermath in her backyard after what looks to be a very exciting celebration

My girl loves her pedicures.

She and I went out for drinks with the coaches, Tim, Jason, Yonas, Chris and Emily  after practice and had a great time.  
We actually ended up drinking and then going Drunken bowling!!  Didn't get home until 1:00am!!  I don't think I've stayed out that late in forever!  AND..... I WON EVERY GAME!!  They more they drank, the better I got! Brenna got along great with everyone and we had a ton of fun!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

She's almost home! She's almost home!

T- 2hours..... It's spring break for Brenna and she gets to come home for a week!!  I'm so excited to have her home!!  She's going to come to practice with me and ride in my launch or row if I need her!!   She's going to meet my coaching friends and go out drinking with me!!!  Yeah!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Boys and Tampons

We finally had a consult with a dermatologist and we've decided to put Zack on Accutane.  The antibiotic he's been on has been controlling, but not fixing.  The dermatologist seems to think Accutane will really cure his acne.  It's a 6 month course, but I guess it's a pretty heavy duty medication, we have to go to the doctor every month, monthly blood work etc...   Some of the side effects include dry, flaky skin and lips and nosebleeds.  I guess because it's just drying everything out.   Zack went on an overnight camping trip and long hike this weekend and I guess had his first experience with the nosebleed side effect.  I guess they are pretty serious and he had trouble getting it to stop, and of course, it happened when they were out on the trail and didn't have kleenex or anything, but one of the girls had a tampon!   Apparently in the movie She's the Man, they used a tampon and Zack remembered that, and boom! tampon up the nose.
I guess it worked like a charm!!  Gotta love the kid who is self-confident enough to finish a hike with his friends with a tampon up his nose!!  Over the course of the weekend,  back at home, he had a half a dozen more.  Went through my tampons faster than I do!! 

Had to go to Giant today and this was the list for Zack!  OB tampons because then there's no irritating applicator to deal with!  They are much more discreet!!  He also told me to get at least regular tampons because "his flow is pretty heavy."  LOL!!!  That kid!!
I also got him some medicated nose lube and that seems to be helping.  As long as he keeps vaseline or some kind of nose gel up his nose, they seem to be subsiding... but we'll keep tampons handy just in case!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Snow Day Half Marathon

We got our last snow day today... even though there was not an actual snow flake anywhere to be found.  Actually that's not true, I had about 16 flakes on my car and maybe enough to make a golf ball sized snow ball on the deck... but the predictions were dire the night before and I guess that's all it took.  I'm not complaining... I don't mind one more day off.  I've had a To Do list that's been being ignored for days and days and I got a majority of it all taken care of.

I also went to the gym and Erged and freaking Half Marathon!!! Yes I did!!  21, 097 meters!!

One of my friends put on FaceBook that he'd rowed a half and I decided to meet his challenge and see if I could do it too and I did!  It's funny though is was just like the 2 Half's I ran.  I was good until about the mile 10 point and then the last 5K was pretty wretched.  I started out pretty strong, had some rocking tunes going, actually rowed 90% of it with my eyes closed just listening to the music and trying to feel my body and technique.  It went well, I was keeping it right where I wanted to be and feeling pretty good, but then the last 5K, my back started to cramp up, I had to slow down a couple of times, go to arms and back for a little bit.  But, then by the last 1500meters I was able to pick back up and finish strong.   So, now I've run 2 race Half's,  1 treadmill half, I've rowed an on the water Half and now erged a half.  I think I've pretty much covered all my bases.  

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Still not on the water, but starting to get excited

We've actually gotten out on the water twice, but now we're back at the school.  Damn Spring.  The

first couple of days we got to go out, it was really cold.  I took one boat out and left the other on the shore to circuit and run and then I switched them out.
I'd forgotten just how bad novices are when they first get out in a boat.  We did some arms only and arms and back rowing by pairs, and let the coxswains do a little practicing with steering and guiding the boat.  First day, pretty crazy, I wasn't thinking right and I just put them in the seats I thought they'd be rowing in eventually, when what I should have done is make sure I had an experienced bow pair to help with the steering.  Fixed that problem on the 2nd day, so it wasn't quite so crazy.  Everyone has had a little bit of a chance to get out on the water, except for 2 girls.  One just never showed up... she's going to be flaky I think and the other failed her swim test... sweet lord... I need her to pass her swim test.  I don't want to be down 1-2 girls.  That's going to make it really difficult if I end up rowing with 6 or 7 every day.  Bleeck!!

The last two days we've been up at the school, but it's been very productive.  I had the girls on slides, practice rowing in sync and slow up the slide.  We also got some pause drills done in the hopes that they'll be more familiar out on the water.
Then I divided them into their boats Novice 8 and Freshman 8 and we did some circuits, competing against each other.  I was really please and impressed with how hard they worked and their competitive spirit.  They had to do 500m, 1 lap, 50 squats and 10 burpees, repeated twice so each person in the boat did something.  It was a tough circuit and I made them race 3 times!  Not one complaint, not one real whine... they just buckled down and worked hard!  They encouraged each other.  I was so tickled with them!!  #teamnovicerocks

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday... Primary time in Virginia in what is probably the most fucked up election year in history!
I mean we're choosing between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
Donald Trump
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio

Seriously.... it's a virtually impossible decision.  The lesser of two evils... the lesser of all evils...
Hillary is the establishment
Bernie is like 59 million years old
Donald Trump is an arrogant, obnoxious asshole bully
the others....
What a crap election for Zack to have his first voting experience....
He gets to vote in the primary because he'll be 18 by the general election.  He was pretty pumped.
He voted for Bernie
I voted for Hillary
John somehow voted for Donald Trump... it's like I don't even know him anymore.  I can't understand how any intelligent human would actually think letting that idiot be the leader of the free world would be anything but a bad idea!!!  God help us all!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Sled Hockey with Nathan

Sue and the kids came down for the weekend. Nathan had a hockey game in MD and then one right here in Arlington.  They spent one night with us and then we met them in Arlington to watch Nathan play hockey.

It was very cool, it's been about 10 years since we've seen him play.  

This was the first game he got to play with his newly earned white helmet.  Now that he has been selected for the National Developmental Team he gets to wear the white helmet with the USA flag.  He was one of only 2 kids on the developmental team and 2 national team members playing.

Sled Hockey is such and amazing sport.  The coordination and talent it takes to propel yourself around on the sled and still be able to get the puck, shoot and score is crazy.

It was great to see the kids and watch Nathan play.  Just think one day, we will probably get to see Nathan in the Olympics - I sure hope it's somewhere nice!!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Limited Workout energy available

I alternate between drinking...
John and I have decided there is only so much Workout energy/mojo in the Hyzy house which means that only one of us can be working out at a time. :o)  I've been going strong for the last few weeks, even lost a couple of pounds, but I just hit a wall and haven't done anything for the last week.  Tryout week is brutal and even though I know I feel much better when I work out, sometimes it's just too much.  But while I was sitting on my ass,  John was working out and running.  I seem to be able to go strong and motivated for about 3 weeks and then, I fade away for a week or so.   I just need to keep reminding myself that I feel so much better when I've gotten my workout in.  It's so freaking hard to remember that at 430am when I need to get up and go.  The seduction of a nice warm bed and sleep is so hard to resist!  One day at a time...

And trying to work out!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tryouts 2016

Well they are in the bag, the team is set!!   They actually went pretty well.  Monday was a decent day so we were able to get the outdoor run done for the whole team and then the pressure was off.  We definitely didn't want them to have to run inside.    I am so freaking proud of my girls!!!  Almost every single one of them improved their times and a couple dropped almost 2 minutes!!  I think there were only a handful that didn't make the 9:00min mark!!  So excited for them!
The 4K went pretty well as well and the rest of the stuff was easy peasy anyway.  We ended up choosing the girl team on Tuesday and the boys finished up on Weds.

John kept all the varsity girls, there were only 11 of them anyway.  I ended up cutting one Freshman girl.  She'd come late to winter conditioning and really just couldn't keep up.  She failed all the tryout criteria and in my opinion just wasn't ready for the intensity required.  John is going to pull one of my novices up so that he has enough girls for an 8 and a 4, which leaves me with exactly 18 girls.  I'm a little worried that I'm running exactly even, no extras.  If anyone quits on me or gets sick or injured, then I'm screwed. But, there's not much choice.  I'm excited/nervous/thrilled/terrified that I have 2 8's worth of girls.  For a good long time, I thought I'd only have one 8 which while much easier to coach, isn't as good for the program.  Now that I have 2 8's it's great for the program, but I'm very nervous about taking out 2 8's.  Once they are up and rowing, it will be great because they can race each other and push each other, but until they can row... I'm worried about 2 8's crashing into each other, the shore, other boats etc....  Girls team is 33.

The boys team is set now as well.  Zack, of course, did just fine.  They ended up cutting 3 returning rowers, but kept all the novices and are 50 strong.  We're all running exactly even, so it will be exciting/nerve wracking to see how the season sets up.  Please let us have a bunch of dedicated, hardworking kids, who never miss practice!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Settling back in...and...Gold's Gym Erg Sprints

Things are getting back to normal. Dreams of Hawaii are fading away, back to work, practice, sleep, work, practice, sleep.  I'm back on the Healthy Train and it seems to be going pretty well.  I haven't yet been back to spin class... but I'm heading there soon, plenty of erging, a little bit of running.  

Gold's Gym Erg Sprints were this weekend.  We had about 40 kids participate.  It was a great day.  Lots of successful rowers, a couple 1st's including freshman boys, lots of 2nd's and 3rd's.  I had about 6 novice girls participate.  None did very well as far as medals, but I was very proud of them for participating, and doing their very best!  I think they were pretty proud of themselves.  Zack's mixed relay came in 2nd. And we retained out Mother/Son relay champion medals!
Last Erg Sprints for these boys!

My Novice girls!

Woodbridge Erg Sprints Team 2016
Mixed Relay - 2nd place

Team Hyzy - 2nd year in a row!

Parent/Child Relay Team winners!

It was a great day.  Exhausting, but so much fun.  Then the coaches went out for margaritas afterwards, that was even more fun.  Geez, I haven't laughed that much in ages!  Spent part of the night drunk texting Brenna and trying to get her and Tim hooked up!  Really more like buzz texting, I only had 2 margaritas so it wasn't really drunk texting.  It was a hoot!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Back at home, back to reality

As predicted the flight home was pretty wretched.  I don't know why I can't sleep on planes anymore, but I think I literally got about 30 minutes of sleep.  When we got home I was completely wiped out, said hello to the pups and collapsed in bed for about 3 hours!!  I didn't even unpack, that's how tired I was.  I'm only just now starting to feel back to normal.  Everything is unpacked, mounds of laundry are waiting to be washed, I spent a horrendous amount of money at the commissary today so we have food to eat and I'm trying to catch up on my emails and crew business.  John and I are starting up Operation Healthy Train... a week of eating whatever we wanted and only minimal working out has taken it's toll... I guess it's back to reality!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hawaii - Day Five - last day

We fly out tonight at 640pm and then land at 1100am tomorrow morning.  It's going to be long and painful!!  We tried to upgrade to first class, but they were all sold out!  We did hit the beach this morning.  John got to do a little boogie boarding, I sat in a chair and totally burned the shit out of my legs.  I put sunscreen on my shoulders, face, chest and back, but I never really think about my legs.  STUPID!  They are pretty damn burned and sore!  A little Advil and hopefully I'll be okay.

Finished up our shopping and headed back to the hotel for a shower and a final drink on the beach.  This has been just about the perfect vacation.  The perfect combination of busy days and relaxing days.  We've had perfect weather, beautiful scenery and lots of good food.  I am ready to get back to my house, my puppies, Zack and my stuff, but this has been a nice interlude and a great way to celebrate our anniversary!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hawaii Day Four

Another really great day.  Although 4:00am is still EARLY!!!  Hopped on a plane and headed over to the Big Island of Hawaii.  First thing we did was an amazing black sand beach.  What I didn't realize was that the black sand also has beautiful little green bits of peridot in it as well.

We saw sea turtles, a whale and other potential husband candidates, this is truly the land of the man bun, for Brenna.  Then we headed to a waterfall park, that while the waterfall was nice it was no Niagra falls! :o)  I definitely give it bonus points for the surrounding scenery though.

What was truly amazing and possible my favorite part of the trip so far as this extraordinary Banyan tree.  Over 250 years old.  The Banyans are amazing things, they have these aerial roots that once they hit the ground they begin a new tree.  So this tree, was the most enormous thing I've ever seen.   So many roots that it made a complete circle, so when you stood in the center of it, it was awe-inspiring.  I found it to be a very spiritual thing.  I wish there had been some way to take a picture that could capture how amazing it was. 

Then we headed to the Volcanos National Park.  
Sadly, you don't get to see the actual lava, it's too dangerous to get close because of the poisonous gases...whatever... but you can see all the resulting steam that comes out of the vents, which is still pretty cool.


Lava tube

The lava fields are pretty impressive as well.  It's amazing how light the rocks are.

This is a tree impression.. I think it was the Ohia tree that is so strong the lava will flow around it and it stays intact and makes these impressions.

Nature always finds a way.  Solid lava fields and things still find a way to grow.  Pretty amazing.

You can sort of see how the lava flowed down the hill.

These are the lava tubes that let the lava flow out into the ocean.  The land that we're standing on is brand new land, created as the lava flowed down and cooled.  We stayed until it got dark and were able to see the glow of the lava as the sun went down.  I wish I could think of some different adjectives besides awesome and amazing.  But those seem to fit the best.

Flew home late at night, landed exhausted and ready for bed!  Sadly, tomorrow we leave, but not until late in the afternoon, so we're planning on hitting the beach and finishing up our shopping.  I had hoped to be able to say that I actually came to Hawaii and never put a bathing suit on!  But, it looks like John would like to boogie board, so I'll throw a bathing suit on and see what happens. 

P.S.  Happy 25th anniversary.  A pretty great way to celebrate!