Sunday, March 6, 2016

Boys and Tampons

We finally had a consult with a dermatologist and we've decided to put Zack on Accutane.  The antibiotic he's been on has been controlling, but not fixing.  The dermatologist seems to think Accutane will really cure his acne.  It's a 6 month course, but I guess it's a pretty heavy duty medication, we have to go to the doctor every month, monthly blood work etc...   Some of the side effects include dry, flaky skin and lips and nosebleeds.  I guess because it's just drying everything out.   Zack went on an overnight camping trip and long hike this weekend and I guess had his first experience with the nosebleed side effect.  I guess they are pretty serious and he had trouble getting it to stop, and of course, it happened when they were out on the trail and didn't have kleenex or anything, but one of the girls had a tampon!   Apparently in the movie She's the Man, they used a tampon and Zack remembered that, and boom! tampon up the nose.
I guess it worked like a charm!!  Gotta love the kid who is self-confident enough to finish a hike with his friends with a tampon up his nose!!  Over the course of the weekend,  back at home, he had a half a dozen more.  Went through my tampons faster than I do!! 

Had to go to Giant today and this was the list for Zack!  OB tampons because then there's no irritating applicator to deal with!  They are much more discreet!!  He also told me to get at least regular tampons because "his flow is pretty heavy."  LOL!!!  That kid!!
I also got him some medicated nose lube and that seems to be helping.  As long as he keeps vaseline or some kind of nose gel up his nose, they seem to be subsiding... but we'll keep tampons handy just in case!!

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