Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday... Primary time in Virginia in what is probably the most fucked up election year in history!
I mean we're choosing between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
Donald Trump
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio

Seriously.... it's a virtually impossible decision.  The lesser of two evils... the lesser of all evils...
Hillary is the establishment
Bernie is like 59 million years old
Donald Trump is an arrogant, obnoxious asshole bully
the others....
What a crap election for Zack to have his first voting experience....
He gets to vote in the primary because he'll be 18 by the general election.  He was pretty pumped.
He voted for Bernie
I voted for Hillary
John somehow voted for Donald Trump... it's like I don't even know him anymore.  I can't understand how any intelligent human would actually think letting that idiot be the leader of the free world would be anything but a bad idea!!!  God help us all!

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