Friday, March 4, 2016

Snow Day Half Marathon

We got our last snow day today... even though there was not an actual snow flake anywhere to be found.  Actually that's not true, I had about 16 flakes on my car and maybe enough to make a golf ball sized snow ball on the deck... but the predictions were dire the night before and I guess that's all it took.  I'm not complaining... I don't mind one more day off.  I've had a To Do list that's been being ignored for days and days and I got a majority of it all taken care of.

I also went to the gym and Erged and freaking Half Marathon!!! Yes I did!!  21, 097 meters!!

One of my friends put on FaceBook that he'd rowed a half and I decided to meet his challenge and see if I could do it too and I did!  It's funny though is was just like the 2 Half's I ran.  I was good until about the mile 10 point and then the last 5K was pretty wretched.  I started out pretty strong, had some rocking tunes going, actually rowed 90% of it with my eyes closed just listening to the music and trying to feel my body and technique.  It went well, I was keeping it right where I wanted to be and feeling pretty good, but then the last 5K, my back started to cramp up, I had to slow down a couple of times, go to arms and back for a little bit.  But, then by the last 1500meters I was able to pick back up and finish strong.   So, now I've run 2 race Half's,  1 treadmill half, I've rowed an on the water Half and now erged a half.  I think I've pretty much covered all my bases.  

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