Thursday, March 3, 2016

Still not on the water, but starting to get excited

We've actually gotten out on the water twice, but now we're back at the school.  Damn Spring.  The

first couple of days we got to go out, it was really cold.  I took one boat out and left the other on the shore to circuit and run and then I switched them out.
I'd forgotten just how bad novices are when they first get out in a boat.  We did some arms only and arms and back rowing by pairs, and let the coxswains do a little practicing with steering and guiding the boat.  First day, pretty crazy, I wasn't thinking right and I just put them in the seats I thought they'd be rowing in eventually, when what I should have done is make sure I had an experienced bow pair to help with the steering.  Fixed that problem on the 2nd day, so it wasn't quite so crazy.  Everyone has had a little bit of a chance to get out on the water, except for 2 girls.  One just never showed up... she's going to be flaky I think and the other failed her swim test... sweet lord... I need her to pass her swim test.  I don't want to be down 1-2 girls.  That's going to make it really difficult if I end up rowing with 6 or 7 every day.  Bleeck!!

The last two days we've been up at the school, but it's been very productive.  I had the girls on slides, practice rowing in sync and slow up the slide.  We also got some pause drills done in the hopes that they'll be more familiar out on the water.
Then I divided them into their boats Novice 8 and Freshman 8 and we did some circuits, competing against each other.  I was really please and impressed with how hard they worked and their competitive spirit.  They had to do 500m, 1 lap, 50 squats and 10 burpees, repeated twice so each person in the boat did something.  It was a tough circuit and I made them race 3 times!  Not one complaint, not one real whine... they just buckled down and worked hard!  They encouraged each other.  I was so tickled with them!!  #teamnovicerocks

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