Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hawaii Day Two

On tap today.... Pearl Harbor and then the Big Kahuna Luau.  The morning started very early 5:30am, but they have a Starbucks in the lobby, so we got a little coffee and a delicious Macadamia Nut muffin, so I was pretty happy.  Our Tour Guide Charlie was beyond fabulous.  He was a fount of knowledge about Pearl Harbor and the war.  So many interesting tidbits, also a lifelong Hawaiian resident, so plenty of details about Hawaii as well.

The Arizona Memorial was very moving, hard not to get teary-eyed about everything.  I guess I didn't  realize that the memorial sits over the actual sunken ship with the entombed bodies of over 900 sailors.  So, hard to imagine that kind of loss.

After the Arizona we went and toured the USS Missouri.  Again very cool and impressive.  So much to look at and absorb.   After the Missouri,  we got a little tour of the city and saw the Iolani Palace, the only palace on America soil, statue of King Kamehameha in front of the Hawaiian courthouse.  Then we headed back to the hotel for a nap and my first beach run!!
I went 2.5 miles, it was really nice to run along the beach.  I didn't run in the sand, to hard to do, but there was a pretty decent walkway.  Good people watching and beautiful scenery.  I guess in this instance it was better at the beach.
The Big Kahuna Luau finished out the evening.  Again our Tour Guide was amazing!  The Luau was pretty good, the food was really good - but honestly just not my thing.  Hanging around "having fun" with a bunch of strangers...  I don't know.. it was okay.  More fun was taking pictures of the beautiful boys and sending Brenna potential husband choices!  The scenery again was just stunning and the sunset beautiful as well.  Hawaiian is so beautiful it's almost seems fake.

Tomorrow is a relax, on our own day.  I think we're going to hike Diamond Head Volcanic Cone, try a dinner place that our tour guide recommended.  Maybe do some shopping...

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hawaii Day One

No fiery crash, but one hellaciously LONG ASS plane trip.  Fortunately John and I both had aside seats, so at least we could get up and walk around as needed.  The trip to Dallas was uneventful, the trip to Honolulu was also pretty uneventful, did I mention it was a LONG ASS plane trip.  It was also an old plane, so no in seat TV, no really bennies..

I read my book, all my magazines, played a few games on my phone, ate all my snacks, walked around and stretched.  What I didn't do is sleep very much.  I used to be able to sleep anywhere any time.  I don't have any trouble falling asleep, but I can't stay asleep -  my shoulders ache, my neck aches etc.... 

The view down into the courtyard of the hotel.

They have a beautiful Banyan tree in the courtyard and their pidgeons are pure white.  It's lovely.
I did get leid at the hotel, and unfortunately for John he had nothing to do with it! :o)  The view from our balcony was not too shabby.  The Hale Koa is a lovely hotel, the rooms are pretty standard (we had 2 double beds, which was delightful for me) but the grounds are really beautiful.  All sorts of eating places, bars and even a PX with very reasonably priced souvenirs!  Their very own beach front and grassy picnic area, pretty much anything you might need.  We got here, showered had a little Mongolian BBQ and a drink at the bar and have pretty much collapsed in bed.  Early pick up tomorrow - 5:40 am to go see Pearl Harbor.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Bags are packed, alarm is set...for 4:00AM!!! and now I just need to go to sleep.  Try not to think about dying in a fiery crash....

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bits and Pieces

We are on Snow Day #6 and still have tomorrow off as well!  It's been a crazy Snowcation!  The roads are fine and everything is starting to melt, but the sidewalks are still not shoveled so there is no way for the kids to get to school except to walk in the road.  So for safety reasons we are home!  I'm loving it!  

I've gotten completely caught up on my scrapbook for 2015.  It was a major push.  And involved hours of binge watching Supernatural (23 episodes) and White Collar (18 episodes).  Binge TV watching is no joke... It takes stamina, planning, proper nutrition... I'd venture to say, I'm pretty much a professional now!
I may be done with 2015, but I still have 2 years of Zack's crew seasons to take care of, my racing scrapbook and soon I'll have Hawaii to keep me busy.  I better find a new show to binge on!

I can't believe we leave for Hawaii in 2 days.  It's kind of snuck up on me, which is a good thing, otherwise I'd totally be freaking out about leaving Zack and all my other obligations.  I'm not good at change, or disruption to my routine.  I love my routine.   But after our last week and Snowzilla, this is looking pretty good!
I got my packing taken care of today.  I'd be a lot happier packing, if those pesky 5-7lbs I don't like, had melted away like our snow.  But... I'm not going to let (I'm going to try not to let) it bother me too much.  I'll be ready to back on the bandwagon when we get home.

Resolution update....
I'm doing pretty well with my working out.  I had 3 days off with our Snowcation, but since I've done something everyday.  I've Erged, I've run and I've gone to Spin class.  I've been feeling pretty good about the working out, it's just the eating that has been a little more challenging.  It's hard when you are staying home all day and doing nothing but watching TV.  I figure a week off in Hawaii, where I am NOT going to worry about what I am eating, and then I will be recharged and ready to get right back on the healthy train!  Zoey needs to get back on that train as well... that girl is growing... it's been hard to walk them and when I'm having a snack... they are having a snack... all our progress has been undone.  So...Choo Choo... healthy train here we come!

I've also kept up with my 5 year journal cards as well.  Gotten each day done, there have been a couple where I had to double up on one day because I forgot, but I have a new routine in place and they are going well.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


I'm stealing this idea from another blog I read.  We are still hip deep in the Storm of the Century, so besides napping and shoveling, there's not much to report...

Time and Place: 5:00pm, Stamping Room, working on all the crew paperwork that has been piling up.

Cooking: Venison Stew in the Crockpot!

Awaiting: For the Storm of the Century to stop!

Working On: Our much delayed Christmas, now Snowzilla 2016 letter.  What better time to work on the letter I've been putting off for weeks, but during our forced time at home, it's that or shovel again!

Reading:  The Sword of Shannara, again, for about the 6th or 7th time.  It's an oldie but a goodie and part of my 2016 Reading Challenge.  Read a book you've already read once.  Next up... A book you can read in a day - Ethan Fromme, A book you should have read in school - Fahrenheit 451.

Listening to: The sound of snowflakes hitting the house and my space heater warming my toes!  When I run... Book 2 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Craving:  These stunning Chocolate chip cookies.  I don't know why sitting at home makes me want to eat everything I can get my hands on, but if the snow doesn't end soon, I'm going to undo all my resolution good!

Hating: Running right now... trying to find my way back to it, but not paying any attention to pace or time.  Just running to run.

Loving:  3 o'clock naptime, hanging with Zack for these last few months before he heads off to college.

Anticipating:  Our trip to Hawaii next week for our anniversary.  I've got a little bit of pre-trip anxiety, but I'm also excited!

Watching:  Supernatural Season 10 - I'm on hour number 8 of binge watching.  That's what snow storms are for!  I just keep saying..."just one more, just one more."  Thank goodness I can sleep in when the bingeing is done!

Avoiding:  Negative thoughts, doubts and misgivings.  I'm going to proceed with confidence and belief in myself, fake it if I have to!

That's it... what's Currently... going on.  Hopefully the snow will end soon and we'll get back to doing something worth writing about!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowzilla 2016

For once in their lives, I guess the weathermen were right... it came, it snowed, it's still snowing... We probably have 16 inches right now, and it's still snowing.  We're supposed to get up to another foot today.  This place is going to be paralyzed.  I wonder when we'll ever go back to school?  It think we'll be lucky if we're back on Monday - maybe Tuesday.  Zack went to a sleepover yesterday evening and it looks like he'll be staying until tomorrow.  No way we are going to get up our hill today.  But, they were prepared for the boys to stay a couple of nights and I guess they are having a ball.  They shoveled, are sledding and just hanging out!
Cooper waiting for his "pee spot" to be shoveled out.

Zoey is not as fond of the snow, it's a little more difficult for her to get around.  She's not quite as limber or leggy as Cooper.  She's a bit more "dense" than Cooper, not quite as bouncy.  But once we got a couple of paths laid out for her, she was good to go.

Probably the most snow we've had in 3-5 years!

Thanks goodness for the cul-de-sac snowblower

Really a shit ton of snow!
Zack and his buds!

So far so good.  As long as the power stays on, we're set.  

Friday, January 22, 2016

Tragedy Averted

No need to panic... the story has a happy ending!  Our Naked Gnome was freezing his ass off....literally!!!

Now he's safe, sound and warming his ass nicely, just like the rest of us!

Here it comes....

It's beginning... We did get yesterday off.. I guess it was a "Snow Anticipation Day."  Today we got off as well... again I guess "Really Anticipating the Snow Day."   I got a nice 6.5 pre-blizzard run in this morning, it was cold, but it was actually pretty good.  I figure I'll be sitting around all day tomorrow and Sunday... 

The snow actually started right on predicted time... I guess we'll see if the totals are on point as well...

Thursday, January 21, 2016


What a glorious day!!  He's in, he did it!  Zack got in to UVa!!  We got the email letter today!!  They weren't supposed to announce the acceptance's until the 31st, but I guess the President of the university tweeted that they were going to announce early!!   And he got in!  I'm just so freaking happy for him and so relieved for us.  I thought he had a pretty good chance, but you just never know.  Especially when you are a smart, white boy from Northern Virginia.  It's so much more competitive!  It's just such a relief, we don't have to worry, we don't have to wait in anticipation.  The decision is made and he can relax, but not too much! :o)  

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's coming.... Snowzilla 2016

The entire area is all a twitter... the biggest snow storm in 100 years is bearing down on us and you would think it was the end days approaching!  The stores are a mess, there is a pool at work as to how many days we're going to miss.  They actually gave us a 2hour delay yesterday because it was Brrr... cold.  So, I'm not sure what's going to happen when the actual snow hits.  Madness, mayhem and
anarchy!  We're predicted to get 2'-3'....that's FEET!!  Which in all fairness, if it does hit, will paralyze this place.   It's supposed to start Friday afternoon and snow all through Saturday.  I guess we'll see, if the weathermen are actually going to get anything right .

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Resolution update

I'm pleased to say, I'm at least on the track now....  I went to my first spin class in probably 10 years!
It was good, it was awful and it certainly was challenging.  It's amazing how each sport is so different.  You do something for awhile...say rowing and you feel pretty strong and in shape and then you go back to running and it's like starting all over again or you try something new, like spin, and you think you're going to die.  I thought my legs were going to fall off and shrivel up!
It did feel good to get back on track.   Now the goal is to try and stay on track... Erg 2-3 days a week, run 2 days a week and spin at least one day.  That should leave me at least one or 2 rest days.    Hawaii in less that 2 weeks!... say what???!?!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Resolution..... shot to shit!

Day 10 of the new year and already I've completely f**ked my resolutions.  I'm eating like a starving sumo wrestler!  What the hell - self... If it sits still long enough I'm eating it!  I also, dropped the ball on the whole working out thing... Worked out Sun, Mon and Thurs and that's it.  I've just been so exhausted lately... excuses...excuses... excuses... so I'm re-dedicating TOMORROW!! Hitting the grocery store and stocking up on salad stuff and fruit - it's going down tomorrow!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hallelujah!! Hallelujah! It's finally done!

After weeks and weeks and weeks of nagging, begging and practically crying... Zack finally submitted his last 2 college applications - Va Tech and George Mason are on their way!!  I think the only reason he got them done, is because I told him he didn't have to do them.  I wanted him to go to NOVA and live in the basement forever!  #reversepsychology!

We are done and now all that is left is the horrible waiting!  UVa should let us know by the end of the month and the other 2 are April.  Fingers crossed he gets his wish!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First Mis-step on my road to resolutions...

God Damn, it was cold and dark this morning.... I tried, I really tried to get out of bed and go to the gym.  But it was so cold, and so dark and my new flannel sheets are so soft and so warm... and it was 430am and I was heading to the treadmill at Golds... enough said...

I do feel bad about it, I really do....

Even the dogs won't get up...

"Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet."  - L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Monday, January 4, 2016

Second Step on my road to resolutions - 5 Year Journal

I found this cool idea on Facebook on doing a 5 year journal.  I think it's doable, because it's really only one sentence everyday.  You can write anything you want or there's a list of simple questions you can answer each day.  Then you answer the same questions each day for the next 5 years.  So, you can see the changes from year to year.   I found a really cool, old library drawer and I'm just going to use index cards.  I've decorated the divider cards with extra scrapbooking stuff and if I feel like getting my creativity on, I could decorate each question card as well.  I fill the card out right before I go to bed, and pull the next days out and put it on the counter.
If I can stay with it, I think it will really be cool to see the different responses each year.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

First step on my road to resolutions....

I ran 4 miles today... 2.5 up to Gold's Gym and then 1.5 home!  I also did the Sunday Erg class - 10,295 meters....
Also, decided to hit up the juice to get me in the right frame of mind...  Today's the first day and it's hard...seems harder than usual... maybe because John and Zack are eating stuffed crust pizza RIGHT NOW!  Bastards! 
I stepped on the scale this morning and it's not where I would like it to be.  Despite making an effort to eat better and work out, that number seems to be creeping up again.  I know it's not about the number...but that's really not true... it's always about the number.  Granted I am in far better shape than I've ever been in and muscle weighs more than fat....which is what everyone says when they gain weight....but could it be true?  I'd really rather prefer to be muscley and have a really low number on the scale! :o)  In the mean time... I'm just going to keep fighting the good fight!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Goals not resolutions....

I quit making resolutions a number of years ago, then I started running and I "resolved" to continue with it and decided to make goals instead.  The first year was 1 5K a month - done, 2nd year - 1 race a month including a Half Marathon - done, last year run/row 2015 kilometers - done (barely) but done.  I went back and forth trying to figure out what goal I wanted to accomplish this year.  I've been in such a running funk that I couldn't decide if I should choose a running goal in the hopes that it would make me run more or if I should just let it go and come up with something else...  I decided that since I had a pretty successful rowing season and I want to get better and stronger so that I can continue with the racing women and more importantly my bow buddy, I'd make a rowing goal.  So....
2016 Goal...
1,000,000 meters!!  
Water and erg meters.  I'm going to continue to run, because it helps my rowing, but I'm going to let the focus be more on the rowing and less on the running.  I think it might help me with the running.  If I'm just running to help stay fit for rowing and not racing then time is really not as big a factor so I can just run to run and not worry about pace or time!  Win, Win!

Part 2 - I'm going to work on cultivating a more "go with the flow" attitude.  I'm going to try and relax a little bit more, let things happen.  I spend so much time worrying about the future and trying to envision every scenario that could possibly happen, that I make myself miserable.  Try and let other people do more, let somethings fall by the wayside... this may be the hardest resolution/goal I've ever embarked on...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Is it lame or smart?  We did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to bring in the New Year. I've always thought New Years Eve was an overrated holiday.  Big expectations, RARELY does it ever live up to them. I've always preferred to stay home or at most go to a friends house.  John and Zack drove home from Buffalo today, so they'd had enough together time.  I erged in the morning... so was tired anyway.  Brenna, of course, is off galavanting around Costa Rica!
Moscato with strawberries, so yummy

I asked Brenna to send me a pic of what she was doing at midnight, and this is what I got.  Not sure who the goober in the front is, but you can see B in the back and it looks like she's having fun.

About 9:30pm before we all decided that the new year would arrive without us paying attention, took the requisite selfie and we all went to bed!  Sure enough 2016 arrived with no help from us!