Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Is it lame or smart?  We did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to bring in the New Year. I've always thought New Years Eve was an overrated holiday.  Big expectations, RARELY does it ever live up to them. I've always preferred to stay home or at most go to a friends house.  John and Zack drove home from Buffalo today, so they'd had enough together time.  I erged in the morning... so was tired anyway.  Brenna, of course, is off galavanting around Costa Rica!
Moscato with strawberries, so yummy

I asked Brenna to send me a pic of what she was doing at midnight, and this is what I got.  Not sure who the goober in the front is, but you can see B in the back and it looks like she's having fun.

About 9:30pm before we all decided that the new year would arrive without us paying attention, took the requisite selfie and we all went to bed!  Sure enough 2016 arrived with no help from us!

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