Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hawaii Day One

No fiery crash, but one hellaciously LONG ASS plane trip.  Fortunately John and I both had aside seats, so at least we could get up and walk around as needed.  The trip to Dallas was uneventful, the trip to Honolulu was also pretty uneventful, did I mention it was a LONG ASS plane trip.  It was also an old plane, so no in seat TV, no really bennies..

I read my book, all my magazines, played a few games on my phone, ate all my snacks, walked around and stretched.  What I didn't do is sleep very much.  I used to be able to sleep anywhere any time.  I don't have any trouble falling asleep, but I can't stay asleep -  my shoulders ache, my neck aches etc.... 

The view down into the courtyard of the hotel.

They have a beautiful Banyan tree in the courtyard and their pidgeons are pure white.  It's lovely.
I did get leid at the hotel, and unfortunately for John he had nothing to do with it! :o)  The view from our balcony was not too shabby.  The Hale Koa is a lovely hotel, the rooms are pretty standard (we had 2 double beds, which was delightful for me) but the grounds are really beautiful.  All sorts of eating places, bars and even a PX with very reasonably priced souvenirs!  Their very own beach front and grassy picnic area, pretty much anything you might need.  We got here, showered had a little Mongolian BBQ and a drink at the bar and have pretty much collapsed in bed.  Early pick up tomorrow - 5:40 am to go see Pearl Harbor.

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