Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bits and Pieces

We are on Snow Day #6 and still have tomorrow off as well!  It's been a crazy Snowcation!  The roads are fine and everything is starting to melt, but the sidewalks are still not shoveled so there is no way for the kids to get to school except to walk in the road.  So for safety reasons we are home!  I'm loving it!  

I've gotten completely caught up on my scrapbook for 2015.  It was a major push.  And involved hours of binge watching Supernatural (23 episodes) and White Collar (18 episodes).  Binge TV watching is no joke... It takes stamina, planning, proper nutrition... I'd venture to say, I'm pretty much a professional now!
I may be done with 2015, but I still have 2 years of Zack's crew seasons to take care of, my racing scrapbook and soon I'll have Hawaii to keep me busy.  I better find a new show to binge on!

I can't believe we leave for Hawaii in 2 days.  It's kind of snuck up on me, which is a good thing, otherwise I'd totally be freaking out about leaving Zack and all my other obligations.  I'm not good at change, or disruption to my routine.  I love my routine.   But after our last week and Snowzilla, this is looking pretty good!
I got my packing taken care of today.  I'd be a lot happier packing, if those pesky 5-7lbs I don't like, had melted away like our snow.  But... I'm not going to let (I'm going to try not to let) it bother me too much.  I'll be ready to back on the bandwagon when we get home.

Resolution update....
I'm doing pretty well with my working out.  I had 3 days off with our Snowcation, but since I've done something everyday.  I've Erged, I've run and I've gone to Spin class.  I've been feeling pretty good about the working out, it's just the eating that has been a little more challenging.  It's hard when you are staying home all day and doing nothing but watching TV.  I figure a week off in Hawaii, where I am NOT going to worry about what I am eating, and then I will be recharged and ready to get right back on the healthy train!  Zoey needs to get back on that train as well... that girl is growing... it's been hard to walk them and when I'm having a snack... they are having a snack... all our progress has been undone.  So...Choo Choo... healthy train here we come!

I've also kept up with my 5 year journal cards as well.  Gotten each day done, there have been a couple where I had to double up on one day because I forgot, but I have a new routine in place and they are going well.

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