Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best. Christmas. Ever.

Christmas at home, no company, no where to go, nothing we have to do.... It doesn't get any better than that. I love all our family to pieces, but there's nothing like having just your own immediate family with all our own traditions and expectations. It was wonderful!
Christmas Eve, the kids opened their gifts from the "Christmas Elf" and surprise, surprise they got their new Christmas PJ's. That way everyone looks nice for pictures on Christmas morning. Damn that Elf is smart!
7am Christmas morning, the kids wake us up. Can someone explain to me why the two children who are comatose until 1200pm every other day of the year, pop out of bed at 6am and hover outside our door until 7am? Coffee is made, quick breakfast is eaten and then they dive into the stockings that Santa has left.
Lots of great gifts this year. I have to say, that Brenna was truely funny and sweet. She seemed genuinely appreciative and happy with everything she got whether it was face masks or socks... she loved it. She is really turning into a delightful young woman.
Zack was appreciative and happy as well, but you can definitely tell he is in the middle school phase of life. While he was in no way rude or unthankful, there were certian presents that really hit the nail on the head and others (spanish a day calendar - educational, man jewelry box - uncool) that were less than stellar choices. It was humorous. Best stocking gift he got.... Duct tape! Yep... just goes to show you, you can spend $60 on a Xbox game or you can spend $6 on 3 rolls of duct tape... you guess which one he spent the ENTIRE day playing with... The kid loves origami with a passion and I found a book called Ductigami that combined with 2 rolls of colored duct tape and the kid forgot there were other presents to open!
Even the dogs got stockings. Full of yummy treats and toys. Santa doesn't forget anyone.
After the unwrapping was all done, it was a day spent killing zombies, napping, eating, reading and playing with duct tape!
It was the perfect kind of Christmas... nowhere to be, nothing to do - but to be thankful for all our blessings the least of which were the gifts we got.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Don't Ask... Don't do it...

It's Christmas Eve... the stockings are hung, the gifts are wrapped, the zucchini bread is thawing, the scrapbooks are scrapped, all is waiting in anticipation for the Big Guy to arrive and I am fighting myself not too ask THE QUESTION... I ask it every year and every year it throws my relaxing "everything is finished" Christmas Eve into a tizzy! Every year I remind myself not to ask The Question...
Every year, like an idiot I ask each child... "If you could only have ONE thing for Christmas, what would it be?"
I think I do it in an effort to reassure myself that I've done all the right shopping, I've purchased the right gifts and no one is going to be unhappy on Christmas morning... Maybe I'm falsely confident, it could be I'm just a moron, but each year without fail... I ask. And each and EVERY year... the one gift they want is NOT under the tree!

Generally, it's a gift that I've never heard mentioned until this very moment, it wasn't on their multiplely updated lists, it wasn't mentioned in passing, it never appeared on FaceBook... it in fact I believe was pulled out of their asses just to mess with me. For instance there was the year that Zack wanted a Silver Sleigh Bell from Santa's Sleigh (Polar Express year). It was also the year that only Gold Bells were produced and even so, do you know how many gold or silver bells are left ANYWHERE on Christmas Eve of the year that The Polar Express came out? Or the year Brenna was 10 and wanted Barbie Butterfly Princess or Barbie some sort of money sucking Princess. The child hadn't played with barbies in years, but suddenly.... Barbie Butterfly fucking Princess was ALL she wanted??? The ONLY present she wanted??? Really???
Or the year that Zack was 5 and he wanted a TIE! Are you kidding me... a 5 year old and he wants a TIE!! Who did he think he was Georgio fricking Armani?? Again ties for 5 year olds not the easiest things to find, let alone on Christmas Eve...

Most years, but not all, after hours of searching, miles of driving - I often was able to find these MOST COVETED gifts... but not always. Did it ruin anyone's Christmas...NO... Did it make my Christmas Eve nightmarish and stressful... yes....
So here I sit... the kids are still sleeping and I'm fighting with myself... To Ask or Not to Ask....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Letter - Virtual Edition

Many of you may have already recieved the snail mail version of our Christmas Letter. I wasn't quite ready to go completely green and do only a virtual, so I compromised. Cut down on the mailing and do a blog letter.

Happy Holidays 2009

The tree is up, but not decorated. The decorations are out, but not unpacked. The presents are purchased, but not wrapped. The Christmas letter is…Do you see a theme here? I have my Rubbermaid Christmas containers placed strategically throughout the house ready to be unpacked, but I’m seriously considering just taking the lids off to reveal the beautifully packed away Christmas decorations and calling it done! It will certainly make clean up a lot easier.

2009 has been an amazingly uneventful year. I’m not complaining I’ll take uneventful over ♫DRAMA♫ any day! John is still plugging along at Booz, Allen, Hamilton, impressing everyone he works with and making himself generally indispensable. He completed the 4th Annual Hyzy Alaskan Fishing Trip; the freezer is full of salmon and halibut. He has hunted every Saturday since time began and is gunning for deer #5. Our freezer is full of his 10pt buck and Hunters for the Hungry got the rest. He purchased the new Droid phone “for work” and it has become his new BFF. It seems he has morphed into a 12 year old girl, I recently caught him texting Brenna… who was sitting right next to him! He also uses the Fart Application at the most inappropriate times!

Brenna has grown up in the blink of an eye. It seems as though I just put her to bed with her stuffed animals and blankie and she woke up 16 with a driver’s license and a boyfriend! Yes, we now have a licensed driver in the house. I love it when I’ve forgotten something at the grocery store, but hate it when she wants to go to the mall or “out” with her friends! Last year’s “friend boy” has finally morphed into Boyfriend Brennan. I know Brenna and Brennan, too nauseating for words. I’m not sure how long the romance will last as John and I take great pleasure in sneaking up on them and screaming, “Lights On! Doors Open! Show me your hands!” It’s bound to be a little nerve-wracking for poor Brennan since he comes from a normal family!

Zack “SuperBoy” Hyzy is 11 and in 6th grade! It makes me feel slightly dizzy and light-headed to think that my baby boy is in Middle School. He is loving every minute of it, has his own Facebook page and is lobbying for a cell phone. Yep… he’s a middle schooler. He’s gotten straight A’s, done Lacrosse and Flag Football, is taking guitar and just recently got his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do! He’s growing up too fast.

As for me, I’m doing whatever it takes to keep the family up and running. Subbing at school, driving everyone everywhere and volunteering at both schools. I’m proud to say I’m not in charge of anything, but doing a lot of everything. I have started a blog, although I find the stress and pressure of coming up with something “witty” to say daunting! I’m not promising anything but if you want to check it out you can find me at Google over and leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.
Hope this finds you healthy, happy and on the way to a fabulous 2010. If your travels lead you this way, the door is always open, the sheets are usually clean and while I can’t promise I’ll cook there is plenty of food in the freezer!

Love to all,
John, Julie, Brenna, Zack, Cooper, Zoey, Orio and Blaze

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...Not..It's really delightful!

So the blizzard of 2009 is over, the sun is shining and the shovels are working in overdrive! I
don't know the technical definition of blizzard, but we sure had lots of snow. We played football in the snow, went sledding, built snow forts etc... It was nice enough outside that the boys spent
the entire day outside, minus about an hour for lunch and hot chocolate. Of course I kept yelling at Zack to "put on a hat!" "put up your hood!" He is way too cool to mess up his hair. John kept yelling at me to "leave him alone, he's a boy!" Now I ask you, what the hell does that mean? What... boy's heads don't get cold? Because he has a penis, he's immune from frostbite???
Even the snow plow got stuck in the cul-de-sac. We waved as John's little CRV drove right past him. It is hence forth called the "Man Car."
It's funny, Virginia is not like Buffalo or Michigan, the panic begins early here... When the first "potential" for snow annoucement goes out - people go into overcompensation, panic mode. I ran by Blockbuster to return some movies and it was like the end of the world. People had 10-12 movies in their hands, fights were breaking out over Milk Duds. It was not pretty! I decided once I saw that I would avoid the grocery store like the plague. We had a gallon of milk, 2 loaves of bread and extra TP. Bring on the Snow.

The next morning, I discovered the only thing I didn't have was extra birdseed. All those hungry little birds pacing on the deck... the guilt was too much. Fortunately my neighbor Debbie came to the rescue... they were making a grocery store run and brought me a new stash of seed! :o) Now my birds are fat and happy. I love the little birds. I also had to shovel Cooper and Zoey a "poopy path." The snow was deeper than Zoey was tall. She would try and run through the snow and disappear into the snow drifts. Then her little black head would pop up and she'd "swim" out of the snow bank and bound off again. Quite entertaining!

Now we're all hoping that the snow will throw the county into such a tizzy - that they'll cancel school for the rest of the week! Christmas vacation come early!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

I spent all day Sunday baking magical Christmas treats...voluntarily. Wait don't go... you're at the right blog... This is Julie Hyzy's blog, but I did spend all day Sunday baking treats. I know it's pretty much unheard of for me to bake. I can cook, but even with Betty Crocker's or Mrs.Smith's help, I am sadly lacking in the baking talent department. So, I started with something easy... something to build my confidence.
I made these DELISH Rolo Pretzel Turtle Bites. They are too die for, as a matter I've eaten so many before that I've wanted to die. They are bite-sized deliciousness that is unparalleled!
Generally, I just dip them in chopped pecans for the turtleness, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and stray from the beaten path. To step out of my comfort zone for a moment and live on the dangerous side...I dipped some in crushed candy cane (festive!), I placed a peanut butter M&M on some (chocolate, caramel and peanut butter... no brainer) and a mini marshmallow a few others. On the whole very successful and TASTY!!!

Then I moved on to the family favorite... Zucchini Bread and muffins. The only vegetable my children voluntarily eat! Makes the house smell yummy.

New Recipe Night... Christmas treat edition. I made White Chocolate Peppermint Bark. Brenna loves this, me frankly I think white chocolate is fake and so I avoid eating it at all costs. The other is Crunchy Chocolate Bark. A delightful concoction of dark chocolate, chex cereal, pretzels and a drizzle of white chocolate.

Then the tried and true and utterly magnificent... Debbie's homemade granola. We eat this like trail mix around the house, but you can put it in yogurt, pour milk over it and eat it like cereal. I was going to give it as Christmas gifts, but Debbie beat me to it.

Lastly, Frosty the Cheeseball... almost too cute to eat. I took him to Girl's Night Out (GNO) and he was delicious as well. I mainly ate his ass, so that he continued to look cute throughout the night!
It was a truely successful day, although I was so exhausted that I fell asleep at 7pm and I haven't cooked all week. It's Wendy's tonight!!! $2.99 Meal Deal... really why cook!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Makes me Smile

Brenna is vacuuming for me today because I am deep in Christmas baking hell. Pictures and documentation to follow on that since it so rarely happens. Sort of like Hailey's Comet, you really want proof that it actually happened. Anyway, Brenna is vacuuming for me today. A few months ago I purchased a canister vacuum for the first time. After reading all the reviews we decided we'd try one. So, now when you vacuum you have a little "friend" that follows you wherever you go. The one drawback to the canister is that as it follows you around it often gets confused by corners and sofas and anything else that might cross it's path. So, it really makes me smile as I listen to Brenna encourage the vacuum as she goes. "Come on, just around the corner." "You can do it, come on." If only she were as encouraging to the rest of the family!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas!

The house is decorated, the tree is up and decorated and presents are beginning to trickle in. It's starting to feel a little Christmasy. This year marked a first for us and is just another indication that the kids are growing up. Brenna put the lights on the tree.

Generally that's John's job. Our Christmas decorating follows a carefully crafted and after many years smooth process. You see, after 18 years of marriage and 20+ years together John and I have discovered that there are certian things we DON'T do TOGETHER! Under any circumstances... For instance we don't buy cars together. He surfs the web, test drives, hangs with the salesmen etc... He narrows the choices down to a couple and then I enter the picture. I view the choices and choose the one I like best. Done. Car purchased, no one cried, no one yelled and more importantly no one died! We actually followed the same procedure when we bought our house. He shopped, he toured, he smoozed... I looked at one or two and voila, house purchased. I just works better that way. Too many choices overwhelm me, too much changing of the mind frustrates me, I never want to hurt anyone's feelings including criminal salespeople. "What do you mean the tires don't come with the car? Are you sure? They are $5000 extra... Hmmm... Okay if you say so..."

We also don't hang pictures together. As you can imagine being a military family and moving quite often this almost proved to be our undoing not very long into the marriage. I approach picture hanging with a pencil, a ruler, a level and sometimes even a predrawn layout. John on the other hand approaches picture hanging with a hammer and his finger. "I think the picture should go somewhere about here" he says pointing with his finger. BAM... the nail goes in and the picture goes up. The first few moves not only did I almost hyperventilate and passout, but I almost took all my pictures and moved out!!! Now when it's time to hang pictures I generally leave the area if not the house and return when all the hammering is done. 90% of the time... it all works out fine.
So you can imagine in the early years the decorating of the tree proved to be quite challenging for this OCD girl and the caveman!

John always put the lights on. I left the room, generally going upstairs to read my book or out to finish Christmas shopping. Returning later to find the tree beautifully a light!
Then, the kids and I would pull out all the decorations and begin to decorate the tree. The kids always divide the ornaments into "their" piles, we talk about where the ornaments came from (they all have a story or a meaning behind them) and then find "just the right place" to hang

each and every one. John has generally left to watch some sort of sporting event, generally Ultimate Fighting Thing since that's such a Christmasy kind of sport. Occasionally he'll poke his head in the room to see how we're doing, but if you offer him an ornament to hang, he'll pale visibly, stammer "that's not my job" and immediately leave the room. So, this year Brenna did

the lights and she and Zack did most of the ornaments. I hung a few special ones, but really they managed quite well. Once again, no one cried, no one stomped off in a snit and no one screamed obscenities and drank an entire bottle of wine before anyone noticed. I'm just saying... it was a nice, peaceful holiday evening. I guess we're all growing up. :o)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is not as easy as it looks!

I'm having trouble doing this Blog Thing on a regular basis. I'm finding the pressure to be funny, witty or even remotely interesting...daunting. So instead of actually writing in my blog I just continue to write "Blog" at the top of my list every day. I do all the other things on my list and then just transfer Blog to the next list. Maybe I should publish my To Do list so that you all would know that I'm not just eating bon-bons and watching soap operas. Eating Sour Patch Kids and watching Top Chef...maybe... but bon-bons and soap operas... give me a little credit. :O)

I did accomplish something pretty exciting if you ask me... I am completely caught up with my scrapbooking! Yes, you heard me correctly... I.Am.Caught.Up.With.My.Scrapbooking! I finshed the Thanksgiving Day pictures yesterday!! Yeah for me... Sound of applause is washing over me...So, while I haven't been blogging I have been productive. Just come check out my scrapbooks and you'll see.

Today we went and picked out our Christmas Tree. And.... NOBODY CRIED!!! Nobody got mad, nobody stomped off in a huff and nobody threw a temper tantrum because we "never pick the tree they like ever!" We went up to our local nursery and after about 30 minutes of "here's a good one" "How about this one" "No wait, look at this one" and "too skinny" "too tall" "that one has a empty spot" "that ones ugly" we all finally settled on one. We took all the requiste pictures and brought that baby home. It's not decorated, but it's up and in water and smelling great! It's starting to look a little bit like Christmas around here.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best Birthday Ever!!!

As we get older, birthdays seem to lose their excitement. I mean, really another year... thanks for reminding me...NOT! But this year... WOW! What a great day. I really couldn't have scripted my day any better...
I slept until 930am!! When I got up John had gone to Starbucks and gotten my favorite drink and Brenna had decorated my "spot" at the table with a poster, streamers, a birthday tiara and all my gifts!!! I got homemade cards (my absolute favorite) and one of THE FUNNIEST cards I've ever gotten (thanks Kelly, Debbie and Karen). It was one of those talking cards and we probably listened to it a gazillion times. I started rationing the listening time for fear that the battery is going to run down!

My gifts were exactly what I wanted... A set of Wizard of Oz Pez dispensers... Don't hate now...and the new Star Trek Movie... Can't wait to watch it again. I also got thoughtful gifts from my friends... so nice!

Brenna did my chores for me! The sun was shining... the dogs and I walked... John cooked dinner... I went to Michaels and spent my gift card and used my gift certificate! I also wore mybirthday tiara all day. I wore it while I walked the dogs, I wore it while I raked some leaves. I wore it while I did laundry... I did not take it off... I'm wearing it now!
What a great day. Thank you to everyone who made this such a special day... I don't want it to end. :o)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Great "Leggo' My Eggo" Shortage

I don't know if you all are aware but there is a NATIONWIDE Eggo waffle shortage... My kids keep putting waffles on the grocery list and each week I come home with empty bags... it's tragic - I know.

Anyway, the "Great Waffle Shortage" was actually on the news on Good Morning America this morning. I ran downstairs to tell my family that I was not, in fact, lying and boycotting waffles, but it was on the national news this morning.

John laughed and said, "How can there be a waffle shortage?" and without missing a beat... Zack said... "Maybe it's us?"

Love that kid!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When Did????

When did...

1. 10:00pm on a Friday night become "late?"
2. Music at concerts become too loud?
3. Going to the grocery store alone become a "treat?"
4. Hunter's Widows Weekend go from this...
So tell me..
When did Hunter's Widows weekend go from Chippendale Dancers, Shot glasses to the Ceiling and puking in the parking lot to...
An evening with my gay designers (Project Runway), my gay chefs (Top Chef), the Beauty Salon Bitch from Hell (Tabitha's Salon Takeover) and a box of Dove Bars?????

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My "First" Comment

Yesterday I received my first comment. Let me clarify, my 1st comment from a "stranger", from someone who doesn't know me, someone who linked to me or found me! I am not in anyway detracting from my friends and family who have commented, I love you all, but it's sort of like when your husband tells you - "you look beautiful" - I always feel like, "yeah, right... you have to say that, you're my husband." :o) So, a comment from someone who doesn't know me is very exciting! Even better... it's someone I "know!" Well, I don't really "know" her, but I've been following/lurking around her blog for a long time. I discovered her through my friend Kristie's AMAZING blog..

My "commenter" is a woman who has suffered a tragedy that most of us imagine only in our worst nightmares. Yet she continues to blog with an intensity and honesty that is amazing. Her blog is brutally honest, terrifyingly heartbreaking and funny.

She has let me into a world I had absolutely no experience with, she has opened my eyes, I hope increased my compassion and at times made my heart bleed with sorrow. While I can't say I've always enjoyed following her through this tragedy, I will thank her for letting us all in.

I hope that I learn something, I hope that I am more understanding and supportive and more than anything I wish I could do something...anything for her.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ghost of Halloweens Past and Present

We had another wonderful Mt. Burnside BBQ for Halloween this year. Got the tent out, the BBQed butt, the friends and the candy... Oh the candy! That's half the fun, all getting together and trading candy.

This year and for the last 3-4 years the kids have really been in charge of doing their own costumes. They really don't want mom's input anyway.

So this year, Brenna recycled her Harry Potter Costume from Spirit Week at the High School. Easy enough and frankly a legitimate costume in my estimation. Zack on the other hand, dressed all in black, sort of. The original concept for the costume was he was going to be a shadow, lay around in the grass leaping up and scaring people. Hmm... not so much... really, we don't get enough people to scare and those that we do are small people who are pretty much scared all the time at Halloween. So, then it sort of morphed into a burglar? Really I just think maybe more of a thief... cause he's just stealing your candy with that crappy costume. :o) But who am I to judge.
A number of people mentioned and seemed confused/irritated/appalled that I would let my children still trick or treat at their advanced ages, but as long as they have a "costume" and say Trick or Treat I don't have a problem with it. And as I watched the "adults" at the BBQ, myself included, rifle through all the different candy buckets setting aside their "favorites" I decided you're really never to old to Trick or Treat!

Feeling a little nostalgic, I went through all the old photo albums and scanned some pictures of when I was truely in my heyday of Halloweening... when I still had "control" of my children and what "they" wanted to be... Plus, I needed to prove to myself that I wasn't a totally neglectful mother for not still crafting or purchasing costumes... So enjoy a trip down Halloween Memory Lane....
Halloween 1999 (Brenna -61/2, Zack - 1 1/2)
This was the first year that I had the idea to "theme" their costumes. Brenna was wearing a flowergirl dress and was an angel. And much to my eternal parental shame, Zack was deep in his Teletubbie phase and was "technically" Po - we said he was a devil. So... Angel and Devil. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
Halloween 2000
This may have been one of my finest moments. Brenna was a scarecrow and Zack was a pile of leaves! I spent hours sewing those leaves all over a red onesie suit!
Halloween 2001
This is my finest moment! Little Miss Muffett and her spider! Yes, I actually sewed on this costume and we won a trophy at a local parade!
Halloween 2002
Dorothy and Toto... again literally weeks sewing little tuffs of yarn all over a black sweatsuit.
Halloween 2003

A witch and her bat.
Halloween 2004
A Housewife and her bag of "Gross"eries! You can't see it, but there are grease stains and plastic cockroaches and maggoty pantyhose sausages in these "gross"eries.
Halloween 2005

This year marked the beginning of the end... I think it was about 2 days before Halloween and still nothing. They ended up being a Nerd (with Nerds candy taped all over his shirt) and a Smartie Pants (with smarties taped all over her pants.) They seemed fine with the idea, but I knew... that the end was near... I had used up all I had...
Halloween 2006

Skater Dude and Butterfly Fairy. Really... it's wear your own clothes and carry a skateboard and wear your own clothes and borrow the neighbors fairy wings so I can still look good! This would be the last year that Brenna trick or treated with us. :o( She soon moved on to "better and cooler" company.
Halloween 2007
Zombie Scary Guy... courtesy of Dad's makeup skills and way too sexy Flapper Girl.
Halloween 2008

This was the Halloween with no Mom... I was working at the High School Football game. Zack was white face scary guy with cool blood that fills up the mask and then drips all down the costume and all over the garage! And Brenna was... beautiful, goth vampire something? :)
Probably only a few more years of costumes at all... Now it's more about the grown-ups hanging out, drinking some brews, BBQing some butt and swapping candy. I guess it could be worse.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who's on your List?

We watched a movie last night, Chaos Theory, that sadly wasn't that great, but it did reinforce my decision to add Ryan Reynolds to my List.

You all know "the List" right? The list of "5 Famous People Who if You Run into Them at Target or Starbucks or the Grocery Store You are Totally Allowed to Sleep with Them and It Doesn't Count List." Everyone has that list right? I actually have my list saved in my phone, because it seems I'm incapable of remembering who is actually on my list. I would hate for an opportunity to slip through my fingers because I couldn't remember who is on my list. I mean, what a downer if I came home and told John, "Guess who I saw at Giant today... Ryan Reynolds!" and John would say, "You "did" him right?" (Because John is romantic like that) and I'd say, "No - I wouldn't do that" and he say "but he's on your list" and I'd be all "What! He is? Shit... and he totally wanted me and I forgot he was on my list." Missed opportunity. So.... now I have my list saved on my phone.

Anyway, back to Ryan Reynolds... I had begun toying with adding him after I saw Wolverine. He was only in that movie for like 10 minutes, but they were the best 10 minutes. Then I saw The Proposal and I decided that he is totally "List Worthy."

So, here's my list:
1. Ryan Reynolds
2. Daniel Craig - the new James Bond
3. Mark Wahlberg - (you know, Markie Mark, underwear model, Planet of the Apes - google him you'll understand then)
4. Mike Rowe - from Dirty Jobs - on Discovery Channel
5. Johnny Depp - not dirty smelly Johnny Depp - more when he's clean and artsy.

Who's on your list??? Leave a comment with your list of 5 - I'd love to know. Maybe I've missed someone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am medicated!

I am medicated! Now I'm just waiting for the fog to lift and the ability to construct a complete sentence to return. Shouldn't be long now... I hope.....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Friends Rule!

We had a wonderful GNO (Girls Night Out) last night. Despite the waiter who spent most of the evening sitting on a bench with his cellphone or watching the Monday Night Football Game. Seriously, S. had to go outside to find him to ask for water, our food had been delivered and we still didn't have silverware and S. never got the coffee she ordered! Despite that we had a great time. Good Food, Margarita's and lots of laughter. It's the good friends that keep the mean people away and I'm so thankful for all the ladies that help me recharge my batteries, stay sane and smile indulgently when I'm so ditzy I really shouldn't be allowed out of the house.

I now understand why Schizonphrenic's have a hard time staying on their medicine. I've been taking Thyroid medicine for about 3-4 months now and my prescription ran out. Well, since we Mom's do everything for everyone else and never for ourselves, I neglected to get it refilled. I mean "I've been feeling fine. Pshaw.. that medicine doesn't really do anything for me. I'll get it refilled...eventually....I'm busy right now... blah...blah...blah..." Well... apparently "that medicine" does do something.... For the last week, I've been so tired I can hardly function...I feel like I'm walking in fog and I can barely string a coherent sentence together...not to mention that I keep turning the heater up to sub-Saharan setting and whining that I can't keep warm. And biggest faux paus of all - despite at least one email reminder, I forgot T.'s birthday tiara and jewels at dinner last night. SORRY T!!!

As parents, we'd never let our kids prescriptions run out... So, why it's okay for us to do it to ourselves I don't know. Probably the same reason it's okay for us to eat the crusts off the grilled cheese sandwiches and call it lunch, take the free phone when the kids gets the fancy pants, whoop-de-do phone or buy a brand new beautiful, soft blanket to snuggle under on the sofa only to discover it hidden under the sheets on "someone's" bed. Hmmmm....

I'm off today to pick up the prescription and I'm tempted to take a handful as soon as I get them. Make the fog go away!!!

Thanks to all my friends who have put up with my ditziness... I promise I'll keep medicating... Better living through Chemistry!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mean People Suck!

Mean People Suck! I don't know why it's so upsetting to me when people are mean, after 42 years I should be use to it, but I'm not. I think maybe it's because I tend to bend over backwards to try and make eveyone happy and everyone else's life easier and better. Often to the deteriment of my own. I'm much more likely to cancel, rearrange or change my plans or my families plans to accomodate someone else. You need a volunteer for something, I am compelled to volunteer. No one else will do it... Okay I will. A sign up sheet goes around... I sign my name. Isn't that what we're supposed to do? For a long time, whenever I went to a meeting I had to carry a folder with a note that John wrote taped to it. The note said... "Julie says NO." I'm not complaining (my family may be, but I'm not) that's just the way I am. I'm always worried about everyone else's feelings, needs and plans.

I try not to be mean ever; I try to be tolerant and non-judgemental. Do I gossip occasionally - of course. Have I made some snide comments in confidence to my friends - Guilty! But, I've never been outright mean, right to someone's face (except that one episode in 5th grade - sorry Tammy!). I tend to always try and come up with the positive perspective - much to my husband's irritation. He often says, Can't you ever agree with me?"

So, last night when someone was mean to me, right to my face - I was flabbergasted! Especially since I thought I was trying to be helpful and looking out for the best interests of a certian group, trying to do a good thing. But apparently I'm a money-grubbing, know it all; trying to steal away the rights and freedoms of groups everywhere. Whatever... I thought I was trying to help.

I'm trying to look at this like an isolated incident and move on, but frankly my feelings are hurt and it sticks in my craw, and...Mean People Suck!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Happy Am I?

Today was day 3 of Woodbridge High School's Homecoming Spirit Week. Today was Character day. I've been working up at my Spiritwear Store all week. I have had the best seat in the house for "the show." And sometimes it's definitely a "show!" Monday was Decades Day.
Lots of tie-dye, lots of tights, headbands and leg warmers, a few flappers and even some cavemen.

Tuesday was Wacky Tacky Day. Again, lots of different shoes, different socks, shorts on top of pants. Tutus (I really want a tutu...but I digress), crazy hair and a fair amount of fishnet, but not as bad as I expected and I was able to escape with my eyes and sensibilities in tact.

Today was Character Day. I breathed a sigh of relief, I'd made it through Tacky day and somehow in my own little head I had interpreted Character Day to mean Literary Character Day... My Bad! What I seem to have misunderstood was that it appears to have been "Characters from a Girls Gone Wild" video or the ever popular "Characters from my favorite Penthouse letters" Day. What . The . F . David . Blaine! Are these girls crazy or more importantly are their parents lunatics!!!???? And what happened to the school dress code or more importantly what happened to covering your ass before you leave the house?

So how happy was I that my 16 year-old daughter B. and her BFF M. told me they were going as Harry Potter. Not the Playboy version, and not "naughty Harry", but the real literary Harry Potter!
How cute are they! Way cuter than any "Harry Gone Wild." How happy am I? Sooooooo Happy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Are you ready for some football???

So it's Sunday and that means football in our house. We love football. I can remember when I was little sitting down on Sunday morning and carefully crafting some sort of football graft thing and then we'd all make our winning picks, put a quarter or 2 in the pot and then cheer our teams on. Ian always got to borrow the quarters...whatever, then at the end of the day the winners would collect their quarters. It's one of the things I'm really thankful for... that my parents were patient enough to explain and instill a love for football in us. It's helped me out with numerous boyfriends and I just love watching it.

Anyway, For the second year in a row we are doing a small Fantasy Football Leaque in our cul-de-sac, no money just ultimate bragging rights! I am the only girl in the league this year, but I'm holding my own. They decided to do a LIVE draft this year, where you all sit around an shout out the players you want, hoping to snatch just the right player right out from under someone's nose. (Ray Rice... take that James!) But, I did my research (really I just compiled the "experts" research) and I shouted out with the best of them. AND.....

I am NUMBER ONE in the leagues right now. Yes, you read that right... Julie's Husbandbeaters is #1!!! I'm am beating husbands every chance I get!!! I am 4-1!!! Now if you look at the standings I guess "technically" I'm tied with Reynolds Wrap, but my name is above his in the league standings so I my book that means I'M THE WINNER right now!!!

I think this irritates some of the husbands just a little bit considering the fact that while I did read what the experts said... I also followed my own "theories." For instance... I knew I had to have Kurt Warner as my quarterback because frankly he has the best HAIR in the NFL. Helmet on or helmet off he looks great. Also, Mark Sanchez is my backup... he's high on the Hyzy cute scale as well. Then it was important that since I was playing with a bunch of "animals" (men)... I tried to draft only players who's mascots were animals. It takes animals to beat animals... Also if their uniforms or helmets were ugly (ie. Miami) I couldn't in all good conscience draft them...who wants to watch someone in an ugly uniform all weekend. They (the husbands) laughed, they might even have taunted a little, they are all crying like little girls as each weekend I open a big can of Whoop Ass on them!!!

The only fly in my perfect ointment is that I can't for the life of me beat Vern. He's the only husband I haven't beaten, I couldn't beat him last year either. He ended up being the League Champion last year. But this year he's 1-4!!!!! Guess who is his ONLY win??? ME!!! Ar-r-r-r-g-g-h-h I gotta beat that guy. V - take notice I'm going to get you if I have to come over and "cap" your quarterback!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Is there anything you like enough to get up at 430am to do it???
This thought crossed my mind briefly this morning when my husband's alarm went off and he bounded out of bed and ran for his hunting clothes. He is hunting today... in the the 430am - that is 430 IN THE MORNING! It's been raining for the last 3 days, temps haven't gotten above 50 - but is there a chance they'd call off the expedition... Nope!
I honestly don't think there is anything I like enough to get up at 430am for:

Friends - probably not
TV - nope
Exercise - are you fricking kidding
Chocolate - no way - wait a minute, maybe that's the new answer to America's obesity problem... You are only allowed to eat "bad" food - chocolate, candy, ice cream, fried salty whatever at 430am. I know that would cut down on my intake.
My kids - I don't think so... probably just meet them where ever a little bit later

About the only thing I like doing at 430am is rolling back over in my warm, comfy, flannel sheets and knowing I don't have to get up to do anything!
While I am thrilled that my husband has something he loves enough to do at 430am, but I'm probably more thrilled that I don't!!! :o)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where have all the pencils gone?

Good Lord above what is my son doing with his pencils at Middle School? We've been in school approximately a month and a week, that's 26 school days. The child has gone through, at last count, 30 regular pencils, 3 mechanical pencils and a pack of colored pencils! Really???? That's 45 pencils in 26 days... Are you kidding me??? What is he doing with them? Does he think they are disposable pencils? One use only pencils?? Is he selling them?? Eating them?? What the hell is he doing with his pencils???
I told him this morning as I was scrounging under sofas, behind his bed, under the bookcases for colored pencils because.. "I have to have them for Science TODAY!" "Do not lend even ONE pencil to ANYONE today!" No more Random Acts of Kindness (more on this nightmare later)... tell them your mother won't let you share pencils anymore...Tell them you have H1N1... I don't care what you tell them, but KEEP ALL YOUR PENCILS!
So...I'm off to Target today to guess what... buy more pencils... Thank God I took that week long subbing job last month, who knew I'd need a job to keep my kid in pencils....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog

For at least the last 3 years I have added "Start Blog" to my New Year's To Do list. I carry it around for about 3 months always starting my To Do list with "Start Blog" until eventually I scratch it off. I've had quite a few people tell me I should blog, but.... the excuses are many... I'm too busy, I'm really only funny in my Christmas Letters, does anyone really care about what I would write about etc... I also worry that my particular brand of humorous (or what I think is humorous) sarcasm would not translate well through a blog. Would people understand that most of the time I.AM.KIDDING or would I spend half my blog apologizing to the people I've offended or hurt. Oh the pressure. I just want everyone to be happy!

But yesterday, I ended up with a free 30 minutes in the morning. I'd done all the important stuff. I'd checked my email, I'd updated my FaceBook, I'd looked in on all the blogs I follow and I'd bellowed up the stairs for the kids to get up and get busy RIGHT NOW! Now what... I could.. unload the dishwasher, do the dishes that didn't make it into the dishwasher, pack a lunch, check a backpack.... ah... No. Instead Zack walked down the stairs caught me rechecking some blogs and said... "You should write a blog." Out of the mouths of babes - so right then and there I did it. See what happens when I have free time... bad things happen... and now here I am... The pressure... the pressure...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Am I Really Going to Do This???

I'm here. For now, for this minute... now I just need to think of something to blog about. Stay tuned.