Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is not as easy as it looks!

I'm having trouble doing this Blog Thing on a regular basis. I'm finding the pressure to be funny, witty or even remotely interesting...daunting. So instead of actually writing in my blog I just continue to write "Blog" at the top of my list every day. I do all the other things on my list and then just transfer Blog to the next list. Maybe I should publish my To Do list so that you all would know that I'm not just eating bon-bons and watching soap operas. Eating Sour Patch Kids and watching Top Chef...maybe... but bon-bons and soap operas... give me a little credit. :O)

I did accomplish something pretty exciting if you ask me... I am completely caught up with my scrapbooking! Yes, you heard me correctly... I.Am.Caught.Up.With.My.Scrapbooking! I finshed the Thanksgiving Day pictures yesterday!! Yeah for me... Sound of applause is washing over me...So, while I haven't been blogging I have been productive. Just come check out my scrapbooks and you'll see.

Today we went and picked out our Christmas Tree. And.... NOBODY CRIED!!! Nobody got mad, nobody stomped off in a huff and nobody threw a temper tantrum because we "never pick the tree they like ever!" We went up to our local nursery and after about 30 minutes of "here's a good one" "How about this one" "No wait, look at this one" and "too skinny" "too tall" "that one has a empty spot" "that ones ugly" we all finally settled on one. We took all the requiste pictures and brought that baby home. It's not decorated, but it's up and in water and smelling great! It's starting to look a little bit like Christmas around here.

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  1. Yeah, tell me about it. You have my empathy, is all I'm saying. I'm going on year seven, and it doesn't get any easier ....