Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best. Christmas. Ever.

Christmas at home, no company, no where to go, nothing we have to do.... It doesn't get any better than that. I love all our family to pieces, but there's nothing like having just your own immediate family with all our own traditions and expectations. It was wonderful!
Christmas Eve, the kids opened their gifts from the "Christmas Elf" and surprise, surprise they got their new Christmas PJ's. That way everyone looks nice for pictures on Christmas morning. Damn that Elf is smart!
7am Christmas morning, the kids wake us up. Can someone explain to me why the two children who are comatose until 1200pm every other day of the year, pop out of bed at 6am and hover outside our door until 7am? Coffee is made, quick breakfast is eaten and then they dive into the stockings that Santa has left.
Lots of great gifts this year. I have to say, that Brenna was truely funny and sweet. She seemed genuinely appreciative and happy with everything she got whether it was face masks or socks... she loved it. She is really turning into a delightful young woman.
Zack was appreciative and happy as well, but you can definitely tell he is in the middle school phase of life. While he was in no way rude or unthankful, there were certian presents that really hit the nail on the head and others (spanish a day calendar - educational, man jewelry box - uncool) that were less than stellar choices. It was humorous. Best stocking gift he got.... Duct tape! Yep... just goes to show you, you can spend $60 on a Xbox game or you can spend $6 on 3 rolls of duct tape... you guess which one he spent the ENTIRE day playing with... The kid loves origami with a passion and I found a book called Ductigami that combined with 2 rolls of colored duct tape and the kid forgot there were other presents to open!
Even the dogs got stockings. Full of yummy treats and toys. Santa doesn't forget anyone.
After the unwrapping was all done, it was a day spent killing zombies, napping, eating, reading and playing with duct tape!
It was the perfect kind of Christmas... nowhere to be, nothing to do - but to be thankful for all our blessings the least of which were the gifts we got.

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