Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Letter - Virtual Edition

Many of you may have already recieved the snail mail version of our Christmas Letter. I wasn't quite ready to go completely green and do only a virtual, so I compromised. Cut down on the mailing and do a blog letter.

Happy Holidays 2009

The tree is up, but not decorated. The decorations are out, but not unpacked. The presents are purchased, but not wrapped. The Christmas letter is…Do you see a theme here? I have my Rubbermaid Christmas containers placed strategically throughout the house ready to be unpacked, but I’m seriously considering just taking the lids off to reveal the beautifully packed away Christmas decorations and calling it done! It will certainly make clean up a lot easier.

2009 has been an amazingly uneventful year. I’m not complaining I’ll take uneventful over ♫DRAMA♫ any day! John is still plugging along at Booz, Allen, Hamilton, impressing everyone he works with and making himself generally indispensable. He completed the 4th Annual Hyzy Alaskan Fishing Trip; the freezer is full of salmon and halibut. He has hunted every Saturday since time began and is gunning for deer #5. Our freezer is full of his 10pt buck and Hunters for the Hungry got the rest. He purchased the new Droid phone “for work” and it has become his new BFF. It seems he has morphed into a 12 year old girl, I recently caught him texting Brenna… who was sitting right next to him! He also uses the Fart Application at the most inappropriate times!

Brenna has grown up in the blink of an eye. It seems as though I just put her to bed with her stuffed animals and blankie and she woke up 16 with a driver’s license and a boyfriend! Yes, we now have a licensed driver in the house. I love it when I’ve forgotten something at the grocery store, but hate it when she wants to go to the mall or “out” with her friends! Last year’s “friend boy” has finally morphed into Boyfriend Brennan. I know Brenna and Brennan, too nauseating for words. I’m not sure how long the romance will last as John and I take great pleasure in sneaking up on them and screaming, “Lights On! Doors Open! Show me your hands!” It’s bound to be a little nerve-wracking for poor Brennan since he comes from a normal family!

Zack “SuperBoy” Hyzy is 11 and in 6th grade! It makes me feel slightly dizzy and light-headed to think that my baby boy is in Middle School. He is loving every minute of it, has his own Facebook page and is lobbying for a cell phone. Yep… he’s a middle schooler. He’s gotten straight A’s, done Lacrosse and Flag Football, is taking guitar and just recently got his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do! He’s growing up too fast.

As for me, I’m doing whatever it takes to keep the family up and running. Subbing at school, driving everyone everywhere and volunteering at both schools. I’m proud to say I’m not in charge of anything, but doing a lot of everything. I have started a blog, although I find the stress and pressure of coming up with something “witty” to say daunting! I’m not promising anything but if you want to check it out you can find me at Google over and leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.
Hope this finds you healthy, happy and on the way to a fabulous 2010. If your travels lead you this way, the door is always open, the sheets are usually clean and while I can’t promise I’ll cook there is plenty of food in the freezer!

Love to all,
John, Julie, Brenna, Zack, Cooper, Zoey, Orio and Blaze


  1. Great Christmas letter, as usual, but I'm a little sad you're going green(ish). Opening your letter was always one of the holiday things I looked forward to most. :)

  2. Great letter but why aren't Orio and Blaze featured in the photo. Are they on the lam again?