Sunday, December 13, 2009

Makes me Smile

Brenna is vacuuming for me today because I am deep in Christmas baking hell. Pictures and documentation to follow on that since it so rarely happens. Sort of like Hailey's Comet, you really want proof that it actually happened. Anyway, Brenna is vacuuming for me today. A few months ago I purchased a canister vacuum for the first time. After reading all the reviews we decided we'd try one. So, now when you vacuum you have a little "friend" that follows you wherever you go. The one drawback to the canister is that as it follows you around it often gets confused by corners and sofas and anything else that might cross it's path. So, it really makes me smile as I listen to Brenna encourage the vacuum as she goes. "Come on, just around the corner." "You can do it, come on." If only she were as encouraging to the rest of the family!

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