Friday, May 31, 2013

May Month Recap

Geez, I am so far behind that I'm not sure I can even catch up with all that's gone on in the last month.  Note to self... don't try and get anything done during the month of May.  May is for Crew, Crew, Crew and nothing else.. not eating, not sleeping, not time with the family... do I even still have a husband?  Don't get me wrong, I love Crew and I love being busy and keeping everything in order, but without a doubt there's hardly time to think of anything but rowing.   So, just a few bullets to update the last few weeks...

1.  I ran my 4th 5K up at George Mason University.  It was hilly and hellish, but I did it.  My time 33.19.  Not the best, but I'm still keeping with my New Years Resolution.

2.  We completed the Al Urquia Regatta.  It was very successful, Zack's boat moved out of their heat and qualified for finals.  They then placed 4th in their final.  It was a great day, made even better because Grandpa Bud and Miss Louise were here to enjoy it.  We had a great time showing them the way we row at Woodbridge.  They were good sports and I think had a great time.  Brenna also came home for the weekend.


3.  Then we had the Ted Phoenix Lower Boat State Championships.  These turned out not to be as successful as we'd hoped.  The boys got an AWESOME start, but then Zack and Nathan both caught small crabs at the beginning, they were able to recover and keep going, but in the last 500 meters, Tyler caught a crab so big he couldn't get his oar out of the water!  Sadly, they came in last in their heat.  On the positive side they still beat the B boats time.   I know that's mean, but you gotta take your pluses where you can.

4.  I hit my 5th 5K.  Lake Ridge Runners May Day Run.  It was fun because it was right here in the neighborhood and I knew probably half the people who were running in it.   Again, it was a hugely hellacious hilly course, but it seems like that's my excuse for all my runs now. :o)  But this one really was hilly!  Anyway, I completed it and didn't humiliate myself.  Time 33.07.  I just can't seem to do much better than that.  But a mile is a mile.  

5.  Then most exciting of all,  Zack got to experience his first Stotesbury Regatta!  It was awesome as always.  I'm not even going to try and recap.  Brenna went with me and we had a great time.  She was the best assistant ever.  I don't think I could have survived the weekend without her.  My new position with the Board, really does include a lot of extra duties.  I love it, I love being involved in everything, but it does take a toll and she was worth her weight in gold!  The boys did great.  They didn't make it out of their time trials, but we don't really expect our freshman to get past time trials.  Their time was 5:11, which was good for them.  They were 36th out of 47 and we were plenty proud of them.  The lightweight boys and girls made it to semi's and the girls quad made it all the way to finals, coming in 6th.  It was all very exciting.  The weather was beautiful and as always, it doesn't get much better than Stotes!  We have such a great group of kids and parents that I don't ever want it to end.
Finishing time trial

View from the bridge

Time trials

Our freshman Big Head Boat was the hit of Stotesbury!  We kept everyone laughing and probably perplexed.  The boys were all good sports and I think they actually enjoyed having big heads of their own!

So, as May draws to an end along with Crew,  hopefully I'll be able to keep up with life a little better.  Catch my breath, run a little more, eat a little less and relax.  Although I'm already grieving a little for the end of Crew.  I'm sure I'll find something to occupy my time.