Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...Not..It's really delightful!

So the blizzard of 2009 is over, the sun is shining and the shovels are working in overdrive! I
don't know the technical definition of blizzard, but we sure had lots of snow. We played football in the snow, went sledding, built snow forts etc... It was nice enough outside that the boys spent
the entire day outside, minus about an hour for lunch and hot chocolate. Of course I kept yelling at Zack to "put on a hat!" "put up your hood!" He is way too cool to mess up his hair. John kept yelling at me to "leave him alone, he's a boy!" Now I ask you, what the hell does that mean? What... boy's heads don't get cold? Because he has a penis, he's immune from frostbite???
Even the snow plow got stuck in the cul-de-sac. We waved as John's little CRV drove right past him. It is hence forth called the "Man Car."
It's funny, Virginia is not like Buffalo or Michigan, the panic begins early here... When the first "potential" for snow annoucement goes out - people go into overcompensation, panic mode. I ran by Blockbuster to return some movies and it was like the end of the world. People had 10-12 movies in their hands, fights were breaking out over Milk Duds. It was not pretty! I decided once I saw that I would avoid the grocery store like the plague. We had a gallon of milk, 2 loaves of bread and extra TP. Bring on the Snow.

The next morning, I discovered the only thing I didn't have was extra birdseed. All those hungry little birds pacing on the deck... the guilt was too much. Fortunately my neighbor Debbie came to the rescue... they were making a grocery store run and brought me a new stash of seed! :o) Now my birds are fat and happy. I love the little birds. I also had to shovel Cooper and Zoey a "poopy path." The snow was deeper than Zoey was tall. She would try and run through the snow and disappear into the snow drifts. Then her little black head would pop up and she'd "swim" out of the snow bank and bound off again. Quite entertaining!

Now we're all hoping that the snow will throw the county into such a tizzy - that they'll cancel school for the rest of the week! Christmas vacation come early!

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  1. Well, our school was already canceled for the entire week, so the snow didn't change anything for us! Oh, wait. It was 59 degrees here today. :(