Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best Birthday Ever!!!

As we get older, birthdays seem to lose their excitement. I mean, really another year... thanks for reminding me...NOT! But this year... WOW! What a great day. I really couldn't have scripted my day any better...
I slept until 930am!! When I got up John had gone to Starbucks and gotten my favorite drink and Brenna had decorated my "spot" at the table with a poster, streamers, a birthday tiara and all my gifts!!! I got homemade cards (my absolute favorite) and one of THE FUNNIEST cards I've ever gotten (thanks Kelly, Debbie and Karen). It was one of those talking cards and we probably listened to it a gazillion times. I started rationing the listening time for fear that the battery is going to run down!

My gifts were exactly what I wanted... A set of Wizard of Oz Pez dispensers... Don't hate now...and the new Star Trek Movie... Can't wait to watch it again. I also got thoughtful gifts from my friends... so nice!

Brenna did my chores for me! The sun was shining... the dogs and I walked... John cooked dinner... I went to Michaels and spent my gift card and used my gift certificate! I also wore mybirthday tiara all day. I wore it while I walked the dogs, I wore it while I raked some leaves. I wore it while I did laundry... I did not take it off... I'm wearing it now!
What a great day. Thank you to everyone who made this such a special day... I don't want it to end. :o)

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