Sunday, October 18, 2009

Are you ready for some football???

So it's Sunday and that means football in our house. We love football. I can remember when I was little sitting down on Sunday morning and carefully crafting some sort of football graft thing and then we'd all make our winning picks, put a quarter or 2 in the pot and then cheer our teams on. Ian always got to borrow the quarters...whatever, then at the end of the day the winners would collect their quarters. It's one of the things I'm really thankful for... that my parents were patient enough to explain and instill a love for football in us. It's helped me out with numerous boyfriends and I just love watching it.

Anyway, For the second year in a row we are doing a small Fantasy Football Leaque in our cul-de-sac, no money just ultimate bragging rights! I am the only girl in the league this year, but I'm holding my own. They decided to do a LIVE draft this year, where you all sit around an shout out the players you want, hoping to snatch just the right player right out from under someone's nose. (Ray Rice... take that James!) But, I did my research (really I just compiled the "experts" research) and I shouted out with the best of them. AND.....

I am NUMBER ONE in the leagues right now. Yes, you read that right... Julie's Husbandbeaters is #1!!! I'm am beating husbands every chance I get!!! I am 4-1!!! Now if you look at the standings I guess "technically" I'm tied with Reynolds Wrap, but my name is above his in the league standings so I my book that means I'M THE WINNER right now!!!

I think this irritates some of the husbands just a little bit considering the fact that while I did read what the experts said... I also followed my own "theories." For instance... I knew I had to have Kurt Warner as my quarterback because frankly he has the best HAIR in the NFL. Helmet on or helmet off he looks great. Also, Mark Sanchez is my backup... he's high on the Hyzy cute scale as well. Then it was important that since I was playing with a bunch of "animals" (men)... I tried to draft only players who's mascots were animals. It takes animals to beat animals... Also if their uniforms or helmets were ugly (ie. Miami) I couldn't in all good conscience draft them...who wants to watch someone in an ugly uniform all weekend. They (the husbands) laughed, they might even have taunted a little, they are all crying like little girls as each weekend I open a big can of Whoop Ass on them!!!

The only fly in my perfect ointment is that I can't for the life of me beat Vern. He's the only husband I haven't beaten, I couldn't beat him last year either. He ended up being the League Champion last year. But this year he's 1-4!!!!! Guess who is his ONLY win??? ME!!! Ar-r-r-r-g-g-h-h I gotta beat that guy. V - take notice I'm going to get you if I have to come over and "cap" your quarterback!!!

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