Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who's on your List?

We watched a movie last night, Chaos Theory, that sadly wasn't that great, but it did reinforce my decision to add Ryan Reynolds to my List.

You all know "the List" right? The list of "5 Famous People Who if You Run into Them at Target or Starbucks or the Grocery Store You are Totally Allowed to Sleep with Them and It Doesn't Count List." Everyone has that list right? I actually have my list saved in my phone, because it seems I'm incapable of remembering who is actually on my list. I would hate for an opportunity to slip through my fingers because I couldn't remember who is on my list. I mean, what a downer if I came home and told John, "Guess who I saw at Giant today... Ryan Reynolds!" and John would say, "You "did" him right?" (Because John is romantic like that) and I'd say, "No - I wouldn't do that" and he say "but he's on your list" and I'd be all "What! He is? Shit... and he totally wanted me and I forgot he was on my list." Missed opportunity. So.... now I have my list saved on my phone.

Anyway, back to Ryan Reynolds... I had begun toying with adding him after I saw Wolverine. He was only in that movie for like 10 minutes, but they were the best 10 minutes. Then I saw The Proposal and I decided that he is totally "List Worthy."

So, here's my list:
1. Ryan Reynolds
2. Daniel Craig - the new James Bond
3. Mark Wahlberg - (you know, Markie Mark, underwear model, Planet of the Apes - google him you'll understand then)
4. Mike Rowe - from Dirty Jobs - on Discovery Channel
5. Johnny Depp - not dirty smelly Johnny Depp - more when he's clean and artsy.

Who's on your list??? Leave a comment with your list of 5 - I'd love to know. Maybe I've missed someone!


  1. Are you kidding me? Howie Mandel is not on your list??? Oh, wait. Is that his name? the football guy? I think Howie Mandel might be the host of that game show. I'm talking aobut the football guy I thought you liked. Howie ... something.

    I've always had Brad Pitt on my list, but my brother-in-law sort of looks like him, so now that's kind of icky.

  2. Howie Long!!! He was on my list for YEARS!!! But has temporarily been replaced... for now....