Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where have all the pencils gone?

Good Lord above what is my son doing with his pencils at Middle School? We've been in school approximately a month and a week, that's 26 school days. The child has gone through, at last count, 30 regular pencils, 3 mechanical pencils and a pack of colored pencils! Really???? That's 45 pencils in 26 days... Are you kidding me??? What is he doing with them? Does he think they are disposable pencils? One use only pencils?? Is he selling them?? Eating them?? What the hell is he doing with his pencils???
I told him this morning as I was scrounging under sofas, behind his bed, under the bookcases for colored pencils because.. "I have to have them for Science TODAY!" "Do not lend even ONE pencil to ANYONE today!" No more Random Acts of Kindness (more on this nightmare later)... tell them your mother won't let you share pencils anymore...Tell them you have H1N1... I don't care what you tell them, but KEEP ALL YOUR PENCILS!
So...I'm off to Target today to guess what... buy more pencils... Thank God I took that week long subbing job last month, who knew I'd need a job to keep my kid in pencils....

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