Sunday, July 10, 2016

First Regatta of MY season - Occoquan Memorial Sprints

Well, I survived!  My first regatta of the season.  It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible.  I was so nervous and felt so much pressure, especially being in the "fast 4."  It would be so much less pressure if I was just in the Women's 8 and the Mixed 8.  So I was torn, excited to be in the fast boat, but oh the pressure.  Those ladies are so gracious and have been so kind about having me in the 4.  I know they keep telling me, that they wanted me in the boat and that I belong there, but they self-doubt is high!  Anyway,  I didn't want to let them down.

The 4's race was first.  Wouldn't you know that just as we were launching...the wind picked up... oh how the wind picked up!  It was pretty brutal.  So, bad that they weren't using the start platform and we weren't even supposed to get close to it, because it was so dangerous, so that made the start truly wonky.  They tried to line us up... but that was pretty futile, so as soon as it was even close they started us... with very little prep...crazy!

We raced hard, but the wind was just crazy.  Ended up coming in 3rd out of 4th.  So not..DFL!

The 8 went pretty much the same way.  The wind was still crazy, but it didn't throw us off as much in
the 8, but I think the set was a little worse.  Hard to get real traction in the water.  We were 4th out of 5.  Again...not DFL!
John and Zack paddled out to watch my race!

I would say we were all happy, but not satisfied.  Hopefully, we'll get a chance to practice more and the next one will be even better.  I'd really love to get some bling!


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