Saturday, July 9, 2016

UVa Preview

We set out for 2 days of all things UVa orientation.  It was a little bit overwhelming and I really didn't stop to thing too much about it.  Decided to just live in the moment and not reflect on the fact that in just about 6 weeks we'll be LEAVING HIM THERE!!!

We got his roommate and dorm room assignment.  He's going to be rooming with a young man named Emry that he got in contact with though the UVa Roommate application... kind of like but for roommates.  Zack requested him and he requested Zack back.  Since then they haven't had any contact, but I'm sure it will be fine.  His room is in Page Hall, which is one of the old dorms, but he seems to be fine with that.  It's closer to the academic buildings, but not air conditioned.  He'll survive, unfortunately we didn't get to see the rooms because his registration session ran very late.  Again, Zack is so easy going, I'm really not too worried about him.

He got preliminarily registered for 4 classes, Calculus I, Statistics of some kind, Language and Culture (Anthropology) and .....Ultimate Frisbee!!!  Glad we're paying prime $$ for Ultimate Frisbee lessons! :o)   His appointment was so late in the day that most of the classes he's was looking at were closed.
They will have a chance to register and change to other classes in August.

He's really pumped and excited about going, I think he'd leave tomorrow if he could. :o(  I did make him promise that he's text me at least once a day, just so I would know that he wasn't sitting in his room crying because he didn't have any friends.  Just once a day...  But, then he suggested... we do a Snapchat Streak.  I didn't even know what that was, but apparently you just send a snapchat picture to the person and then they send one back and Snapchat keeps track so you can monitor how long your streak is.  We're going to practice over the summer!  I'm also starting a steak with Brenna and John!


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