Saturday, February 27, 2016

Limited Workout energy available

I alternate between drinking...
John and I have decided there is only so much Workout energy/mojo in the Hyzy house which means that only one of us can be working out at a time. :o)  I've been going strong for the last few weeks, even lost a couple of pounds, but I just hit a wall and haven't done anything for the last week.  Tryout week is brutal and even though I know I feel much better when I work out, sometimes it's just too much.  But while I was sitting on my ass,  John was working out and running.  I seem to be able to go strong and motivated for about 3 weeks and then, I fade away for a week or so.   I just need to keep reminding myself that I feel so much better when I've gotten my workout in.  It's so freaking hard to remember that at 430am when I need to get up and go.  The seduction of a nice warm bed and sleep is so hard to resist!  One day at a time...

And trying to work out!

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