Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tryouts 2016

Well they are in the bag, the team is set!!   They actually went pretty well.  Monday was a decent day so we were able to get the outdoor run done for the whole team and then the pressure was off.  We definitely didn't want them to have to run inside.    I am so freaking proud of my girls!!!  Almost every single one of them improved their times and a couple dropped almost 2 minutes!!  I think there were only a handful that didn't make the 9:00min mark!!  So excited for them!
The 4K went pretty well as well and the rest of the stuff was easy peasy anyway.  We ended up choosing the girl team on Tuesday and the boys finished up on Weds.

John kept all the varsity girls, there were only 11 of them anyway.  I ended up cutting one Freshman girl.  She'd come late to winter conditioning and really just couldn't keep up.  She failed all the tryout criteria and in my opinion just wasn't ready for the intensity required.  John is going to pull one of my novices up so that he has enough girls for an 8 and a 4, which leaves me with exactly 18 girls.  I'm a little worried that I'm running exactly even, no extras.  If anyone quits on me or gets sick or injured, then I'm screwed. But, there's not much choice.  I'm excited/nervous/thrilled/terrified that I have 2 8's worth of girls.  For a good long time, I thought I'd only have one 8 which while much easier to coach, isn't as good for the program.  Now that I have 2 8's it's great for the program, but I'm very nervous about taking out 2 8's.  Once they are up and rowing, it will be great because they can race each other and push each other, but until they can row... I'm worried about 2 8's crashing into each other, the shore, other boats etc....  Girls team is 33.

The boys team is set now as well.  Zack, of course, did just fine.  They ended up cutting 3 returning rowers, but kept all the novices and are 50 strong.  We're all running exactly even, so it will be exciting/nerve wracking to see how the season sets up.  Please let us have a bunch of dedicated, hardworking kids, who never miss practice!

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