Monday, April 6, 2015

More Coaching

I've been spending more and more time on my own with the Freshman 8.  The Novice 8 and Freshman 8 have a hard time staying together, the Novices are just too big.  But it's going pretty well.
Today we did a long row, just trying to get some rowing under their belts.   We rowed by 6's, occasionally by 8's.  Doing some Focus 10s on various things.  Handle heights, posture, head and eyes in the boat, slow slide, early rollups, all those things we've been talking about.  It went well.  Right at the end before we got to the cove, an 8 came up behind us and I noticed it was girls (and so did a few of the boys).  I asked them if they were going to let a girls boat pass them???  That if that girls boat passed them, we weren't going back into the cove, we were going to keep working.  They started grinning and kicked it into gear.  First time I've really seen any fire in some of them.  They made it past the girls with open water and they were grinning the whole way!  It was pretty funny.

The Board bought all the coaches jackets which was pretty nice of them.  Although I must admit, I still feel pretty uncomfortable wearing it and it still startles me when one of the kids (or anyone) calls me Coach Hyzy.  I have to remind myself that they aren't making funny of me or being sarcastic.  Especially for the novices and freshman, since they don't know me as Mrs Hyzy, the way everyone else does.  I think it's still going to take some getting use to.

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