Friday, March 6, 2015

Our first Grand....Dog

Brenna has been toying with getting a dog for a couple of months now.  She was dog sitting her neighbors dog for the last 6 months - He moved to Va Beach and was looking for work and couldn't take Luna, his Pitbull, with him so Brenna agreed to keep her.  She became very attached and when he came to pick her up at Christmas it was pretty tough.  We tried talking to her, giving her our advice... Not a good time for her to commit to a dog.  She's moving to Wisconsin, doesn't know where she's going to live, doesn't know what her schedule is going to be like and so on.  But she's young and once she gets her heart set on something.... She stayed true and wrote us a 5 page persuasive essay about why we should support her decision.  Pretty funny!  Actually we didn't care that much, you can only give so much advice and then you just deal with the situation as it occurs.
So without further ado, presenting our first Granddog....Autumn....

She does seem pretty precious, that's a pretty sweet face. Brenna seems to be in heaven and very happy, so we'll just figure it all out from there.  We'll get to meet her for the first time in a couple weeks during Spring Break.  Here's hoping Cooper and Zoey think she's as cute as we all do.

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