Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Zack!

 March is just a month full of punches to the gut, that emphasize how old I'm getting!! It's incredible to believe that 17 years ago I was waking up John and telling him it was "time to go" and just over 4 hours later, our family was complete!  I cannot fathom that my precious baby boy is 17 years old today.  What a grand adventure! I am amazed by the wonderful young man he is turning into. He is smart, handsome, damn funny...kind, thoughtful and caring.  All this while technically still a teenager, that just doesn't happen in the regular world.  But then our ZackMan is anything but regular.  Every time I think there is something he can't do, he goes right out and does it.  He makes me proud EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I feel so lucky to be his mom and while I wish he would live in the basement forever.  I can't wait to see him set the world on fire!  No matter what he does, he will always be my sweet baby boy!

Oh that face... those sweet twinkly eyes...I could look at this pictures forever!
I feel a little bit bad, because his actual birthday celebration was sort of a non-event.  John bought him McDonalds and donuts for breakfast and then we went out to Sakura Japanese Steak House for dinner and came home and watched a movie.

He didn't get any presents.. the kid doesn't want anything... how can that be?  What teenager in his right mind doesn't want anything?  He did say he wants some new clothes, but I can't even do that for him... he'll go on line and pick them out himself and I'll just hand over my credit card.  It feels like we didn't make is special enough for him, but he seemed happy enough.  I just can't get over how grown up he seems.  I don't know why 17 seems to much older than 16 does, but it does.  I'm having a little bit of a hard time reconciling that my Baby Girl will be leaving for Wisconsin soon and precious Baby Boy is now 17 years old an soon will be heading off to college.  Sometimes reality sucks! 

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