Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Brenna!

Our beautiful girl is 22 today.  How can that be so!  This is the first birthday in the last 3 years that she's been home with us!   We didn't have a whole lot planned, it gets so much harder as they get older to make things special.  Hard to believe 22 years ago I was laying my hospital bed with a brand new bundle of precious in my arms wondering if we were ready for this! I don't know if I say it enough, I am beyond proud of the amazing woman she has become.  The total package... Smart, funny, kind, beautiful, fun, thoughtful - she makes my heart burst with pride and love.  I am so excited for her as she sets off on her adventure to Wisconsin, but a little sad for me!  I wish she'd move home and live with me forever.  Such a blessing to honestly believe even if she wasn't my daughter, she'd be my friend!  I love my Baby Girl!

 When I got off work she and I did a mall trip to pick up some birthday presents for her.   She needed socks, new makeup, new underwear... nothing very exciting.  But what she wanted.

Of course the new underwear was from Victorias Secret... so it's not like I just bought her a package of Hanes from Walmart.  They were nice underwear... nicer than my underwear.

Got some lunch, some of her favorite Moe's queso and then home we went to rest up for dinner.  She wanted pizza and beer.

There is something a little bit odd when you celebrate your daughters birthday with Victoria Secret underwear and beer!  Our little girl has definitely grown up!  But she has grown up amazingly and I can't get over how fabulous she is and while I would love to claim credit and brag about our superior parenting skills - I just think we are so very, very lucky!  Happy, Happy Birthday to our sweet, baby girl!

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