Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Extraordinaire!

This birthday was probably the best birthday I've had in a long time!!  On my birthday eve - Debbie brought me muffins so I would have them for breakfast in the morning!  Then, on my birthday morning the door bell rang at 630am and I found WARM Pumpkin chocolate muffins on the doorstep and a balloon on my light.  That Jennie Tatum is so awesome.  My friends really know me!  When I got to work, Team Library had decorated my office with streamers, signs, a tiara and even a gift.  They also had a luncheon in my honor.  Everyone was so kind, wishing me a happy day.  It was almost embarrassing the amount of attention I received.  John brought me cookies and flowers on his way to work.  Then, Brenna came home!  I actually managed to stretch my birthday for the whole weekend.  On Saturday Brenna and I went to see Thor II  - loved it!  Love me some Thor.  Then we gorged on Thai food for dinner - red curry and pad thai!  I ate until I was almost ready to puke!   Then, Sunday the whole family went to see Ender's Game.  Another good movie choice!!  I got some really cool running stuff… a dry fit, sweat wicking beanie, light up arm band to keep me safe when I run at night and then I snuck off to VA runner and ordered a new pair of shoes and bought some running pants!  SCORE!!!


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