Saturday, April 26, 2014

Al Urquia Regatta

Art and Karen came down for a visit, Brenna is home to AND.... she brought her boyfriend home to meet us!!  Cameron Baumgardner!  He's very cute and very nice!  We like him a lot - big props to anyone who will come home to meet her parents AND her grandparents.  He hung in there like a trooper, even though when Karen found out he was a geology engineering major, she brought every rock she found at the regatta to him to identify! :o)
The boys raced a Light 8 again and came in 2nd (out of 3) but who's counting!   I think it's easier to just recap in pictures!
Getting his coxswain on for the row back - he is so damn handsome!

Cameron - such a good sport

Blowing the Viking Horn

The whole gang

These boys crack me up!

There's only one real coxswain in this picture and she's a good sport.  I hope all the boats make it safely!

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