Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day....Whatever...

I hate Valentines Day... I think it's a stupid, nonsensical holiday - invented to suck our wallets dry and make most of us feel inadequate. I don't know where my hatred of V-day started, actually that's a big fat lie... I can tell you where it started... All those years in Middle School and High School. You know the scenario, 1st period, homeroom... whatever, sitting through the same daily minutiae and in walks "Buffy" decked out in her cheerleading uniform with an armload of carnations.... "Susie, here's a flower for you." Up pops Susie in... surprise... her cheerleading uniform and grabs her flower and prances back to her seat. "Oh.. oops... here's ANOTHER one for Susie!" giggle, giggle, giggle...And so it goes over and over again... until Susie and Buffy and Candy are holding armloads of flowers and I'm holding my math notebook. The only thing worse would have been receiving the one token flower from your MOTHER! Thank goodness my mother was smart enough or kind enough not to put me through that crap. So, from then on... Valentines Day not so much... It wasn't until I had kids that I felt compelled to recognize V-day, afterall it wouldn't be fair to perpetuate my feeling on them.
I must add in my hubby's defense, that he has always remembered and given me something on Valentines Day. This year I got gummi worms, sour patch kids and best of all he did my vaccuming chores for me. It doesn't get much better than that for me. But really, no amount of gift-giving can conquer those bitter feelings - hardened in the fires of middle and high school. Valentines will always be for me a non-event.

So, I find myself - schlepping through the Valentines section trying to find something to surprise the kids with. I used to love Target the best because for years it had an Anti-Valentines Day card section, but I couldn't find it this year. :o( Got the required candy, cards, everyone got a special V-day glass to drink out of today and that's it... I'm done...
I even got the dogs treats this year... I must be getting soft and mushy in my old age.

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