Wednesday, February 3, 2010

19 years and counting....

I cannot flipping believe that yesterday John and I had been married 19 years! 19 YEARS!!! I don't feel old enough to have done anything for 19 years. Old people are married for 19 years, my parents were married for 19 years... not me.

At some times it seems like just yesterday we were hanging out at the O'club for Happy Hour and free food. Many nights of chicken wings and chips for dinner. I remember walking around our first home and feeling like we were house-sitting and wondering when the owners would be home. Now I walk around the house and wish the "owners" would come home, especially when the heater goes out or the deck needs to be replaced. Damn those owners... can't the take better care of their shit.

It's been a great 19 years, some rough spots - like the time I told John I would stab him through the heart with a knife while he was sleeping if he didn't stop sniffing (can anyone say PMS). Mostly it's been smooth spots and fun times.

Sometimes I wonder how John puts up with all my moods, obsessions and neuroses and sometimes I wonder why I don't plug his nose while he's sleeping (I did that once - just in jest people!)

Who knew that night when I walked into Confetti's in Albuquerque in my Khaki shorts, matching animal print shirt with my two pairs of accent colored socks and my Reebok hightops (don't you judge!!!!) that the "cutest little nerdly guy" that I met would still be around 22 years later!

Now it's another snow day and we're all home together and we may not make it to 19 years and 2 days! But it's been a good run!

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