Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm not a Laugh - er

I don't laugh or I guess what I mean to say is I don't laugh at movies or TV... people, yes (kidding, I'm kidding), but modern media... No. Generally I'm more like to state... "Oh that's funny" than to actually laugh.
America's Funniest Home Videos... painful for me to watch in it's stupidity, I'd rather poke my eyes out with a dull toothpick than sit and watch that show.
The Hangover... Funny Movie! I probably gave it 3-4 amused smiles and possibly one guffaw, although it might have been a chortle. (I'm not quite sure on the technical delineation between a guffaw and a chortle, although I feel I'm more of a chortler than a guffawer.)
The only TV show I can even remember causing me to laugh out loud is The Office! I. LOVE. THAT. SHOW! I want to work in that office. As a matter of fact, the first couple of times John and I watched that show together I'm pretty sure he thought I was having some sort of seizure I laughed so much. Now when we watch, I think he watches me more than the show just for the novelty of seeing me laugh out loud.
But besides The Office... nothing.... nary a giggle.... UNTIL...............
Last Friday night 3 of my terrible twisted and tolerant friends went with me to see......
in concert! She talked/performed for 2 solid hours and left us wanting more! I laughed more in that 2 hours than probably the last 30 years. She is FREAKING. HILARIOUS!!!
2 solid hours of foul-mouthed, offensive and crude, but unerringly side-splitting, pee-dribbling Hilarious with a capital H! I still find myself remembering certain things and giving a tiny giggle and then looking around guiltily. I can't repeat anything she said, because it wouldn't be appropriate for my younger readers, hell, it's not appropriate for me.... but egads she's a riot.
So, if you find yourself with an extra $75, a need to be totally offended while laughing your ass off, Kathy Griffin is your (and my) girl!

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