Tuesday, March 29, 2011

13 months to 13 years

13 years ago today, again if I was writing this post on March 19th when I was suppose to, I was lying on the sofa, yes the same sofa, at 530am when my water broke. (Don't worry, we've since gotten rid of that sofa) I wasn't fooled this time, I new what it was, but really 530 in the morning...like I'm going to jump up and get all flustered about that. There no flies on me so I got up, took a shower, had some breakfast, folded some laundry, got John and Brenna up, got Brenna ready for school and then we went to the hospital. And just a couple hours later, there was our sweet baby boy.

Somehow we've gone from this

to this...

How does it happen and why can't I make it stop. It seems as though each age is just the best and I don't want it to end but some how time just keeps plowing on.

Zack has turned into a funny, crazy, challenging, active, scary smart kid. And while I still firmly believe the middle school years should be spent at a boarding school, he seems to be navigating these shark-filled waters pretty gracefully. This has been the age of duct tape, pogo sticks, Xbox and Nazi zombies. I despair of him ever eating anything besides corn dogs, frozen waffles, cinnamon toast crunch and candy. Our goal is for him to weigh enough to turn the airbag on on the passenger side of the van. When I see what so many others are going through I am so proud of the young man he is becoming, but I am sorely missing my little buddy who always insisted I was his favorite and when there was no such thing as too many kisses. Now I have to be happy with a head bob and with the fact that he'll still let me come on his field trips with him (as long as I bring money for candy). But you know what... I'll take it.

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