Monday, March 21, 2011

18 months to 18 years

18 years ago today, if today was March 11th when I originally started writing this post, I was lying on the sofa talking to my mother on the phone when suddenly I started peeing in my pants. So, I hollered to John who came out of the kitchen with a wooden spoon in one hand and a pot of half-stirred Kraft Mac and Cheese in the other hand and I threw the phone at him and yelled, "Talk to my mother, I have to go to the bathroom I'm peeing in my pants!" Which was a little perplexing since if I knew I was peeing in my pants wouldn't I stop it??? Then the "AHA moment" when I realized that in fact I wasn't peeing in my pants but a whole new human being was getting ready to push it's way out of me! I told John and yelled at my mother that we had to go and all John could say was, "Right now???" as he looked sadly at his Mac and Cheese, but off we went. So, how can this be? When did this happen? When did we go from our blond whispy haired angel to a this stunning blond supermodel? Where was I and why wasn't I paying attention? It seems like just the other day they were putting this slimy, squirmy bald bundle of baby on my chest, where she promptly peed all over me. Not too much later she threw up right into John's mouth and we were off and running in the parenting life. This has been the most amazing, exciting, infuriating, humbling, funny, exasperating, terrifying, crazy roller coaster ride ever. As with most 1st children, we always felt like we were flying by the seat of our pants. But to look at her today, you'd think we were professional parents. She has turned into such an amazing young lady. I can't believe she'll be leaving for college in just a couple of months. There were years when she was growing up that I would have sold her to the gypsies, heck I would have paid the gypsies to take her. :) We despaired that she'd never learn to be quiet in class, that she'd never stop hiding her trash instead of throwing it away and that she'd never stop poking her finger through all the plastic wrap on the meat in the commissary. But some how she did and she has turned into an amazing, funny, smart (when she tries), kind (except to her brother) young woman and I'm looking forward to watching and seeing what the next 18 years bring.

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