Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You say Diet, I say Eating Awareness

I have embarked on a new "eating awareness" program.  I've been on a non-stop, crap eating binge lately.        This summer we're all meeting at Aunt Linda's for a mini "family reunion" to celebrate my mom's 70 birthday and I don't want to be a soft, squishy blob.  Do I think I'm fat... No.  Do I really need to lose weight... probably No.  Would I like to use 5-10lbs...who wouldn't!  Do I want to make drastic efforts to lose weight...No.  But I can make some small changes, in the hopes that I'll get healthier and possible lose some excess weight along the way.  It would be awesome if I could by some miracle loss one pound a week.  Then by the "reunion" I'd have lost 10lbs.  Probably wishful thinking especially since I'm really not upping my exercise amount.  I still walk the dogs 60-90min every day, but I really can't do much more than that, so a change in eating is about all I can manage at this point.

Started it May 1st - 134lbs.
I've been measuring out my portions, writing down everything I eat - if I know the calories I write them down otherwise I just keep track.  I have fresh fruit and cut up veggies in the refrigerator.  I've eaten more servings of fruit and veggies in the last month than in forever.  I figure I can eat as much of the fruits and veggies as I want since on Weight Watchers they are all zero points.  I'm feeling much healthier and definitely more virtuous. :o)  I am hungry a lot, but I realize it's not a bad thing.  Probably the biggest change is I am trying (and succeeding) not to eat anything after dinner.  That's my worst downfall, 8-11pm when I'm watching TV.  Can you say mindless snacking to the nth degree.  Now if I'm really hungry, I drink a cup of tea and that usually tides me over until bedtime.

I'm proud of myself... I've stuck with it and I feel pretty good about how I'm doing.   I weighed myself today... 131lbs.  Not great... but 3lbs... better than nothing.  But even better, I can feel my thought process changing and myself making new habits.  Yeah for me!

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