Friday, June 29, 2012

Brace Face #2

Zacky has finally lost all of his baby teeth.  The kid is going to be in High School and he just lost his last baby tooth!  As soon as that puppy fell out we marched right over to our orthodontist and slapped some braces on that boy.  He did really well.  Fortunately there's not much wrong with his teeth so it looks like he'll only have to have the braces for about a year.  Once the braces are off we'll work on the funky tooth.  Dr. Stern says we can have it "built up" whatever that means.  Anyway, we got the braces on Monday.  He felt pretty rotten the first two days.  Now he's pretty much up and running, but just working on figuring out how to chew.  They had to put two little plastic bite adjustor things on the back of his two front teeth so it's making it very difficult for him to chew.  He's handling it like a trooper.  Now the best part... the requisite braces pictures....
Getting ready
Traditional horror mouth picture

Brushing buddies


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