Sunday, July 1, 2012

Garden Bounty?

I've come to a decision... I'm not cut out to be a gardener.  Much as I love the idea of tilling the soil, nurturing the little plants, watching them grow and produce and then reaping the just doesn't work out that way.  My garden this year has been... I wouldn't say disappointing, because it is trying... but it's been more of a chore than a joy.  Now only is it not doing much, but it's just another thing for my to feel guilty about.  I seem to forget to water it and then I am consumed with guilt.  Really?? Do I really need something else to feel guilty about??  My lettuce plants were a bust, mainly I think because we started hitting 90 degreed temps in May and lettuce much like myself wilts under all that heat and humidity!  My zucchini and squash still refuse to have sex.  It's like an abstinence zone in our yard.  They grow big and beautiful and promising and then nothing... the big teases.  I do have some tomatoes on my "grow yourself" tomato plants but they've been green forever and don't want to ripen and my peppers are definitely stunted.

No more home gardens for me... We have a brand new farmers market about 10 mins up the road where I can buy all the lovely produce I want.  I've also discovered a Farm Co-op program thing.  You pay for a membership, it's like $400-$500, and from June through October the farm DELIVERS a magical mystery basket with fresh fruit and veggies!  To.Your.Door!  I'm really excited about it.  Start saving my money now and by Jan I'll be able to pay up.  I love the idea of fresh, local produce delivered to my door.  Even more I love the idea that I won't know whats coming and so I'll be forced to be creative.  We've become quite adventurous on our New Recipe Nights, so I am very excited about the idea of getting veggies I've never had or tried before and having to figure out what to do with them. After all take asparagus as an example... always claimed I didn't like asparagus, until someone at a BBQ wrapped it in bacon and I tried it.  Now I've made a hugely successful New Recipe Night with it and I actually have some sitting in my refrigerator right now!

 My only harvest so far!
So, Goodbye dirt under my fingernails,  guilt inducing thirsty plants and frigid, sexless squash and hello fresh veggie delivery to my door!  Bring. It. On!

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