Saturday, July 14, 2012

Road Trip Day #3 - Recap

Day 3 proved to be quite successful.  I woke up early and went down to breakfast in the hotel and let the kids sleep until almost 9am.  We only had a 3 hour drive so I figured the longer I let them sleep, the less likely they'd be wearing the cranky pants.  I truly believe the amount of sleep they get is inversely proportional to the amount of cranky the exhibit... which is why I think the truism "never wake a sleeping baby" should be amended to say...or a sleeping teenager!

We seemed to have avoided most of the cranky, but sometimes my kids just make me wonder... Zack chose to have french toast for breakfast.  So, he got his french toast, he buttered it, he poured syrup all over it and then he proceed to pick it up with his hands and eat it like a regular piece of toast!   And YES, before you ask, the syrup ran all down his hands and arms practically to his elbows!  Well... if you know anything about the Hyzy's then you know that we proceeded to immediately jump all over that shit and teased him mercilessly!  Observation.... the amount of teasing you do to a teenager is directly proportional to the amount of cranky they exhibit.   He was grossly offended and couldn't understand why we were making fun of him.   I'll let you be the judge!

We arrived safely at my Aunt Linda's and all the introductions began.  The oohing and aahing, the "your so big," "your so tall," "you look greats." I discovered my niece Laney and I are long lost twins, she has blond strips in her dark hair to match my pink and blue stripes.  We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and getting to know each other.  We ate like frigging pigs and played with the dogs.  Only kerfuffle, my Uncle John had a Dr. appointment and when he got there he was a lot sicker than they thought and they admitted him to the hospital.  Some sort of renal failure, but he's feeling better so we're hoping he'll get out today.

We took all the kids to the movies, they saw Brave and Ian and I went for a second serving of Avengers.  Oh how I love me some Avengers.

Today we're heading to Bricktown and then Tie Dyeing!

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