Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road Trip Day #2

If yesterday was the honeymoon phase of our trip, today can only be described as the divorce proceedings!  There was good and bad.  It started out nasty, but as the day continued things smoothed out and ended on a good note.  We actually make it all the way to Fort Smith which is 2 hours past Little Rock!

Zack woke up in THE FOULEST mood I've ever seen him in. He woke up wearing the cranky pants and they were obviously tight and uncomfortable.  He didn't do anything but glower and ignore us.  Reacting rudely to the mildest request, so while nobody cried today... somebody certainly yelled.  Once we got on the road we relegated him to the far back of the van and followed the tried and true "No Touch, No Talk, No Eye Contact" rule!  He laid down and didn't resurface until about 2pm.  I'm not sure what he was doing back there, either sleeping or secretly eating as much candy as he could before anyone noticed.  I think his entire diet today consisted of pancakes, sunflower seeds, nerds and a grilled cheese sandwich.  Whatever... I didn't want to fight that fight today.

It was a quiet day in the car.  We all just did our own thing.  I listened to books on tape or my music.  Can I say that I officially LOVE. MY. IPhone4!  It's a phone, it's a music player and it has my books on tape.  One thing...does it all!  LOVE IT!   Brenna watched movies on her computer and listened to music.  It was a quiet day in the car, but that seemed to suit everyone.

The worst part of the ride was the rain! Oy Vey the rain!  It rained the entire time, except for the last hour.  But it wasn't regular rain... it was either "spit rain" which is too little for even the delay function on your windshield wipers, but too much to not use the wipers.  So you have to do it all manually or listen to the wipers scrap and skip across the windshield.  Or it rained so hard that even the highest speed couldn't keep up.  Oy Vey the rain!

We had two bits of very exciting happenstances.  #1 - I filled my car up for $2.99!  I couldn't believe it!  Less than 3 bucks... awesome!  And...We found the one and only JACK IN THE BOX in Tennessee!  Brenna and I were so excited we squealed like little school girls which woke Zack up and probably extended the cranky for a couple more hours!  Let me tell you we exited off the highway as fast as my little van would take us and raced through the drive through.  I gushed and gooed all over the drive through girl who probably thought I was all kinds of crazy.  I have loved Jack in the Box tacos since at least 5th grade.  Jack in the Box was the first place my BFF, Carol, and I were allowed to go by ourselves.  In the 5th grade, we would ride our bikes up to The Box and order our own food, pay by ourselves and eat.  We thought we were the shit!  And I think ever since then they've been my favorite. I can't tell you how many 2am "2 for 99cent tacos"  I ate on the way home from my boyfriends house to my dorm.  I know, I know, before anyone says anything... I realize they aren't "real" tacos, the probably don't have any "real" food actually in them. I understand that their whole texture is all the same... soft and mushy.   I. Don't. Care!  I LOVE them and I enjoyed the hell out of my 1030am tacos today.

So, while I did eat 1030am tacos and they aren't exactly part of my "Eating Awareness" program I didn't really care... I was totally AWARE of them while I was eating them.  The rest of the day, we actually ate out of the cooler I brought.  Brenna and I ate fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers and even a hard boiled egg (which didn't stink at all).   Go us!

Because we ate out of the cooler and Zack didn't resurface until 2pm we made great time.  We actually hit Little Rock about 330pm, which was where we were originally going to stop, but we all decide it was too early to stop so we pushed on to Fort Smith.  Found another Holiday Inn Express, my new favorite, and settled in.  The good news is we only have about a 3 hour drive tomorrow... seems easy enough, we should all be able to survive that....she said hopefully!

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